Thursday, May 9, 2013

We're goin to the chapel...

It has been awhile since I have spent time with my blog... mostly because my social connection tends to facebook these days.  But, this is a very special weekend and I need more space for all that fills my heart today. 

I am sitting here in the early morning before the business of this weekend begins with memories flooding my mind... nearly twenty seven years of them.  The big news, of course, is that Brian is getting married.  I have prayed for this young woman since they put Brian into my arms.  I have imagined her growing up and loving Jesus.  I have prayed for her health, physical and spiritual.  I have prayed that Brian would make good choices and that those choices would lead him to her.  God has heard my prayer and I could not be more thankful this morning. 

I remember all those years ago making my own wedding plans and getting the details just right.  I remember our trip to Cancun (wedding gift from my daddy) and the silly stories of things that we saw and did there.  David and I have been though a lot since those days, some things that could break a marriage apart if we didn't have an anchor, and some things I wasn't sure if even that would be enough.  I was incredibly lucky to have some key people in my life that held my hand and whispered godly advise in my ears.  I have some I'd like to give to my baby...

Dear Brian,

There is something about your firstborn.  The first time that you truly know unconditional love for another human being.  The first time you are certain that you would put yourself into harm's way without even thinking just to see him safe.  I have loved you with my whole heart for all of these twenty three years, and even the months before I saw your face.  You have brought me so much happiness, you have made me crazy:) and you make me proud on a daily basis.  I wish you so much joy, and love, and mostly peace.  Before you give yourself to Hannah, there are some things that I would like to remind you.

1) Love God first Brian; Hannah won't mind.  A true love for your heavenly father will spill into your marriage and she will be the first to benefit.  God knows more about love and how to do it than any human being.  Sit at His feet and learn and never stop learning.  I promise you never graduate from His curriculum. 

2) Love Hannah second; I won't mind:)  She comes before all else in this world, even before your children someday.  The best gift in this world that parents can give their kids is parents who adore each other. 

3) Be a Godly leader.  Hannah is a smart, beautiful young woman who could manage just fine without you but it is important for her to be able to lay the burdens of life on you. 

4) Don't be too proud to ask for advise.  Start with Hannah... see #3:)

5) Learn from the successes and the failures of both of your parents.  We did something right because we raised two amazing kids, but we aren't perfect.  Take the things we are good at for your own and toss aside our mistakes.  Be better partners and parents than we were.

6) Have fun!  Play together, laugh together... it makes the hard stuff so much easier. 

and finally,

7) Put the seat down... I promise you it is not too much to ask. 

Love, Mom