Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

I have succeeded in purchasing a plane ticket for one husband to travel one way to pack up one son. I did it all for a whopping $70, and I'm feeling a little smug about it. You know on AOL when they offer ridiculous airfare prices just to get you to click... ha! Of course I am going to have to drive to Little Rock, AR to drop him off (one third of the way) and he is going to be arriving at some random little airport somewhere in the vicinity of Dallas. I am not even sure if they are actually landing. Maybe they are just gonna do a fly by and kind of push him out. In any case, it will be the job of the aforementioned son to collect said husband at the other end. Then Daddy is going to "help" pack a trailer and "help" drive him back to TN where he will hang out while he lines up his little duckies for the new semester. In a perfect world, he will have a job waiting for him and a student loan lined up to pay his tuition. I am sorry to say that my perfect little world came crashing in recently. I am not sure where I am going to be six months from now... let alone my adult offspring.

Moving on; and speaking of airplanes... did I mention that the house that we have moved to does not have central heat and air? Okay, now I have lived with window units before, but it's been a while- like a hundred years or so. I have forgotten how loud they are. I am going to have to get a little dry erase board to carry around to write down the things I want to say; partly because I have a soft voice and partly because my husband is DEAF. Every thing I say these days has to be said at least twice... every. single. word. The good news is that I get a chance to change my mind if I say something I regret. The bad news is that the window in my bedroom is right beside my bed. It's like sleeping in the engine of a jet plane (hence the reference to airplanes). The good news is that I can't hear ANYTHING ELSE- like snoring, or midnight trips to the fridge. The bad news is that I can't hear anything else- like my alarm clock, or my kid coming in safe and sound. Just one of the adjustments that this highly flexible woman is making:)

ps... found a t shirt at walmart the other day that said "sarcasm - just one of my many talents"

I believe I pulled it out of the dryer a couple of days later. hmmm.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

and then...

The unpacking is going excruciatingly slow, but I did find my keys so we are all good.

Yesterday my sister walked in and announced that the house was beginning to smell like me. I think that a good thing. Actually I am burning a serious amount of money in my scentsy pots, so I guess she means I smell like cinnamon...

Which reminds me... if ever you know a young bride, be sure to tell her not to put cinnamon sticks in her new husband's underwear drawer. It's a bad idea.

In the meantime, I am trying to get as much unpacked as possible to make room for someone who is dropping by for a little visit before he transfers to somewhere closer to his mommy.


Friday, July 1, 2011


For the record, the registered letter that I received resulting in my homeless situation was apparently not an "eviction"... not in the legal sense. It was simply "a letter requesting a move", although I don't remember it saying please. I did not know this until the second time I was forced to call the police (so that I could leave with some measure of peace) and the kind officer told me.

Unfortunately I'm a bookkeeper.


and when I get a letter that says get out on or before 8/1, I take it to mean get out.

silly me.