Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update for the chosen few - or couple.

Now that I have taken the time and considerable effort to change my setting so that not just everyone can "follow" me, I guess I should say something.

insert cricket chirping...

A.hem. Oh yeah,

Brian is home for a quick summer visit:) Seems that I only blog when he is home, which isn't much. hmmm. I'll have to consider that. Anyhoo, he has a friend from high school who was graduating college and getting married this past weekend. Talk about a life changing weekend!

Brian has passed the age when all his friends are having serious girlfriends. while he didn't. Now we are at the age where Brian's friends are getting married. while he isn't. Of course, he is just approaching 22 and he still has 3 years before his bachelor's degree because he decided to take his time there, too. So we are not complaining. At least he hasn't made a BAD choice; at least not a PERMANENT one. He will be thrilled that we are discussing this... no wait; he hasn't been "invited" to read! HA!

Bethany, on the other hand has a sweetheart:) awww. I told my niece about him the other day and she looked at me with the biggest blue eyes and said, "reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy????" Mostly because Bethany has been particular. very particular. Just like her momma taught her. I will try to respect her privacy on the subject, but since she hasn't been "invited" either, I can tell you that this momma is very happy with her decision making skills. This newest member of our family has brought a couple of brothers that we have come to love, as well. I always wanted more kids so this has worked out well for me.

We are looking forward to a fun filled, swimmy summer, assuming that I can get that silly pool up and running. This year we are already up to about $1000 and we aren't wet yet. I am pretty sure that we have already had this conversation before.

Same stuff. Different year.

New settings in life

I am changing the settings of this blog to "invitation only".

Some people who shall remain nameless have discovered google.

just saying.