Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break 2011

I have come to the conclusion that a person can have money or they can have time, but they cannot have both... at least not those of us firmly planted in middle class America. And sometimes, they can have neither. just saying.

Brian is home:) for spring break, Bethany is off school for the week, Daddy is taking some of the plethera of vacation days he has available to him. I am at work; and I am cranky. I have arranged to take off Thursday and Friday (no pay, of course) so that I can get in on some of this spring break stuff and (yay!) the weather is supposed to be glorious.

Unfortunately, I am the bad parent; the one that sees dirt everywhere. There has been video gaming and movie watching and unlimited snacking the first couple of days this week. I have a list of spring cleaning to do. I will be looking for "volunteers". I am very popular. not.

Even the dogs dread my spring break because there will be bathing and shaving and clipping and various and sundry other dog related nastiness that only moms seem to care gets done. I'm thinking about starting a new TLC reality show and calling it "dirty jobs".

No wait... I don't think that will work.

1 comment:

rthling said...

Nope. I'm thinking Mike Rowe will protest. Maybe HE should come bathe your dogs...