Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can open... worms EVERYWHERE!!!

I know, I know... you don't call, you don't write. whatever. At least when I actually have something to say, I think of you. right after Facebook.

moving on...

So today I was reminded of a school project from my younger years- like a hundred years ago, in fact. I have no idea what the project was about. That is, the purpose of it because I am sure it had one. I just remember that there was a card board box decorated like a tv. And someone was in it, talking to me. A real face to face conversation... sort of. We must have been very forward thinking as children because somehow we imagined a day when we would converse with someone over video in place of that silly outdated telephone. Fast forward like a hundred years... last night my daughter was chatting with a friend on (you guessed it:) skype.

Skype - the answer to my lonely days needing a glimpse of my firstborn and my secret terror.

There are the parents who, in an effort to protect their offspring from jumping in a lake because everyone else is doing it, refuse to allow the wheels of progress anywhere near their zip code. No facebook, no texting, etc. And then there are the parents who have no idea what their kids have buried under the clothes in the floor of their rooms. These are the parents who have bought every techno gadget their child has asked for but have no real understanding of the capabilities of these items, or how they could be leaving their children open to real dangers.

As one who has tried the former and found it not at all practical, I am attempting to embrace the newest of cool hipness... with caution. I am trying to consider all of the advantages of technology, like getting to see that Brian has decided to grow a beard... Okay, I can't really type that with a straight face - a.hem... I am also trying to consider all of the potential for danger from those without and the potential for poor decision making by those within.

I mean really.... do I want her skyping with a friend while I have bras hanging up to dry in the kitchen? I think not.