Friday, October 8, 2010

Big Bad Wolf

A couple of weeks ago, God blessed me unexpectedly with a request to join my friend/boss for a little business trip down to Grapevine, TX. She had a home health/hospice conference to go to and her agenda included accommodations at the Great Wolf Lodge, which you may have seen highlighted on a recent episode of "Undercover Boss". She didn't want to go to this conference and stay at this very family oriented resort and leave her daughter at home (duh!) so she graciously asked Bethany and I to accompany her so that she could come along. I graciously accepted this offer... to stay at a fancy resort I couldn't afford 30 minutes away from my child that I couldn't afford to visit on the first weekend of his service in a new church. yay! How cool is that?

First let me say the the Great Wolf Lodge was all that the tv show described and more. Way cool for families with kids of pretty much any age under say 15 or so. But, as I told my facebook friends, I have one word for those unwittingly drawn to this kid vacation dream: stairs. Get ready people because one of the big events of this resort is a thing they call magiquest. The kids get to go on a massive scavenger hunt for cool stuff that covers the entire resort... all EIGHT floors. They "collect" their bounty with these little electronic wands that register their treasures and keep count of their points, which are posted on the magiquest channel on the television in their room and on various tv's throughout the resort. It is a BIG deal. I should mention here that one of the rules is NO ELEVATORS. I mean they have elevators, of course, but they are not to be used in the games. The kids all think that the elevators deduct points electronically if they are tempted to cheat. Now in all fairness, I don't really know this to be true. But I saw several children using various and sundry methods to avoid getting caught while using the elevators. One little girl has her magic wand up under her shirt. When I asked her why she was holding her wand under her shirt, she told me that one of the kids had told her that the elevator would be fooled if it was under her clothes. I asked her if it was possible that that other child had lied to her just to see her do something ridiculous. I have no idea what her conclusion was, because she ran off quickly as I boarded that elevator in blessed quietness. Another child was similarly dispensed with as she waited for the elevator, holding her wand carefully with her thumb over the end where the sensor was located. She assured me that this was a safe way to travel up the elevator without detection. I told her that was silly and that of course the elevator would still know. She took off just as quickly.

Elisha Otis would be proud.

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