Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Okay... who is tired of hearing about my partially empty nest? I know I am. But, if you must know we survived the delivery. His apartment is actually bigger than the one we had when we married, but since I understand that he really doesn't want a big hairy dude in his nice new queen sized bed, I'll give him that. I had to share my first grown up room with the big hairy dude, but at least I got a washer and dryer in the hall. I guess it's just a trade off.

We drove around his chosen academy and were very impressed. We also got some really great tex-mex. The traffic in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is pretty much stand still in spite of all of the highways spiralling around each other. I think I got lost going to the bathroom. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance. We ended up leaving the GPS for him so that when he takes a wrong turn, he can find his way back to his new home. To which, hubbby asked how we were gonna get home.

We planned one last water park day at Hurricane Harbor. We went on a Saturday, which was pretty much a stupid plan. They were pretty busy. We got a good look at the park as we drove into town since it is practically ON the interstate. We climbed up one ginormous tower of death that nearly had me hyperventilating just standing in the line. I am one cool mom. I am sure that that is what they were thinking while I was clinging to the railing and making little squeaky noises every time they looked like they were thinking about looking down. Stupid boy in front of me thought he would have a little fun at my expense and proceeded to pretend to throw his pretty girl friend over. I don't think that she appreciated it either. I just kept remembering that silly article about the kid who was decapitated at six flags trying to retrieve his hat. I survived that actual flight down the slide, but I don't think that I will need to use a neti pot any time soon.

We rented a Ford Explorer for the trip since driving 20 hours or so in three days just sounds painful. I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, college bills are looming so it will have to wait.

for about 6 years...