Monday, July 19, 2010

Five. Four. Three...

So this weekend was spent going thru all of Brian's clothes and shoes. Let me just say that my son has aLOT of shoes, which I think is a little weird for a guy. Almost no clothes; but a stink load of shoes.

We ended up with a bag of clothes to take, a bag of clothes that were going to good will, and a bag of clothes that were not even fit for good will. All of his laundry is currently done, which never happens; and now I need to take him shopping because they don't let them go to school naked. At least I hope not.

We bought him a box of his own pens; the kind he likes to steal from his daddy. I must be a bad mommy because I had a little chuckle the other day when I imagined him waking up one day with a migraine, stumbling to the medicine cabinet, and discovering that Excedrin doesn't just appear there. I giggle to myself a little when I hear him talking with his roommate about where to put the tv and the couch he is taking. They have no idea what they are doing, but there is really only one way to learn the details of life, other than standing in front of an empty medicine cabinet and realizing that you have to go to walmart and buy that stuff.

Speaking of Walmart... I need to stop on the way home. I went to the fridge the other day. We were out of butter. rats.

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rthling said...

Kinda like food doesn't magically appear in the pantry?
He's gonna be so surprised!