Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer fun

This week the kids are gone to "camp". It isn't really camp. I mean they are sleeping on the floor at our church. in our town. down the street. However... there are a number of smaller churches from our community that are staying with them as they host their own version of camp. They are also hitting the streets doing mission projects, which is pretty cool since we just had a pretty devastating flood in our area. Of course it is the first week of summer and pretty much as hot as... well. you know. Anyway, I expect them to come home at the end of the week exhausted and really stinky.

David was sent down to Florida yesterday for a day of competition for work, so I spent last night alone. The dogs would be offended if they could read; they can't, so we're good. Schatzi tried to sleep with momma, but she would not fall for it. nosiree. Truly, however, snuggled up nice and tight. We went to bed early, as all working women would love to; and then stared at the ceiling for hours. The great paradox is that sleeping without a snoring machine is as impossible, or worse, than sleeping with one. grrr. Not to mention the fact that our tv watching habits make staying ALONE not a fun thing to do. I locked up tight when my sister left and barricaded us in the bedroom. I am such a baby.

Tonight, the snoring machine will be home so hopefully I can just head out to the couch like normal:)

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