Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer fun

This week the kids are gone to "camp". It isn't really camp. I mean they are sleeping on the floor at our church. in our town. down the street. However... there are a number of smaller churches from our community that are staying with them as they host their own version of camp. They are also hitting the streets doing mission projects, which is pretty cool since we just had a pretty devastating flood in our area. Of course it is the first week of summer and pretty much as hot as... well. you know. Anyway, I expect them to come home at the end of the week exhausted and really stinky.

David was sent down to Florida yesterday for a day of competition for work, so I spent last night alone. The dogs would be offended if they could read; they can't, so we're good. Schatzi tried to sleep with momma, but she would not fall for it. nosiree. Truly, however, snuggled up nice and tight. We went to bed early, as all working women would love to; and then stared at the ceiling for hours. The great paradox is that sleeping without a snoring machine is as impossible, or worse, than sleeping with one. grrr. Not to mention the fact that our tv watching habits make staying ALONE not a fun thing to do. I locked up tight when my sister left and barricaded us in the bedroom. I am such a baby.

Tonight, the snoring machine will be home so hopefully I can just head out to the couch like normal:)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There goes the budget

Well, I have finally succumbed to the inevitable. I have hired a sweet college student to clean for me over the summer. I hereby admit defeat. I have this insane desire to come home to toilets that don't scare me and showers that don't gross me out. Of course this simply means that I clean like crazy the night before she comes over, but whatever. There are just, literally, not enough hours in the day to complete a woman's tasks; and if she is working full time... forget about it (insert nasally NY accent). When you add the summer time yard and pool stuff there is just no way.

Having someone in your house - even someone you trust- is somewhat daunting. This person is going to have access to all your stuff; know all of your deepest darkest secrets... assuming you have any. but still. Do I really want someone poking thru my medicine cabinet, seeing all of those expired prescriptions that I cannot seem to dispose of??? What about my secret stash of junk that really has no place, but I still keep it. Hair on the soap? Poo on the back side of the toilet lid?? KY jelly?? (sorry, dad) I mean really. Is it worth it??

It SO is:)

and yet I wonder.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

... will forever be the day that the God of the universe stepped into the life of my family and changed it's course forever. Tragedy was averted and I am eternally grateful. I wonder how often this happens when I am not even aware.

After a couple of hours of fun in the sun and the water, all of the kids came out for a little snack/supper time. So many little ones... so many adults... too much visiting and not enough paying attention. My fearless little great-niece slipped away from her juice box and over to the deep end. At just the right moment a dear friend "happened" to turn her head in just enough time to see her baby fingertips disappear over the edge. It makes my heart stop even now to remember her tiny self being pulled from the water.

I have loved my pool up until now. I am not sure anymore. It has been almost 24 hours and I am still crying off and on at the memory. To all of my friends this summer... be diligent. We often act like the unthinkable could never happen to us. It can.

Thank you God for grace this day. Thank you Tina for being more aware than all of the rest of us combined. Thank you Isabella, for your sweet marshmallow kisses when you left for home - safe and sound.