Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some changes that are more of the same

In a great twist of irony, it appears that we will be heading back into the world of curriculum and grades and classes and all things schooly... too bad I gave away all my stuff.

Bethany has made quite an effort to like school; honor roll, all west, spring play. She just really hates it. She was planning a career in education. I told her she may want to rethink that. She complains alternately of being so tired that she can barely function and being bored out of her mind, which takes a great deal of focus. Although she has had some teachers that she has truly enjoyed, there is one... never mind. Let's just say that she will be taking a refresher course in Spanish before beginning Spanish 2, even though she has an average of 104 in that class.

She is also used to working at HER pace, which apparently is considerably faster that the norm. Who knew? I am concern about so much time being spent on one concept that there will not be time to complete the material, which wouldn't matter so much if there wasn't another class to take after that one. When you home school, you tend to know you are finished when there are no more pages in the book. In school school you are done when there are no more days in the year... not the same thing.

She also doesn't really "get" the drama; and we all know that high school girls are ALL about the drama. She gets along with other kids just fine, she just doesn't really understand the emotional stuff. We talked before she started school about the movie Mean Girls and how that the reason it struck such a chord was because it was quite accurate in its description of the different groups that she might expect to find. Don't get me wrong, she has been involved in youth group since the sixth grade and tae kwon do and swimming team and music lessons; all of which involved groups of kids. It's just that somehow school is different and high school is the most different of all.

She did get her invitation to join the "plastics" the first week or so of school, but as soon as she figured out who they were she distanced herself because that is not who she wants to identify herself with. Unfortunately, I think there may have been some fall out from that decision. Who wants to hang out with the new girl who spurns the attention of the popular crowd? Fortunately, real life - and even college - is not really like high school. I don't really see the need to torture her any further.

So, here I go... shopping for curriculum and coop classes and such again. Only now momma is working, which will be a whole 'nother deal. My sister has offered for her to do her work at her house. Yeah right. She will never get ANYthing done... neither will Bethany.

Fortunately, we only have one year left. I think that I am just going to buy what she needs to graduate and hand it over to her to deal with it. She tends to be overly responsible, so that really isn't an issue. Besides I figure that she will just keep working til it's done. When it's done is up to her. I don't have the first born compulsion for her to be the first and the fastest. Brian sucked it right out of me... that and the fact that she's not the first born.

Now... who did I give that globe to?