Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Month in Review

YIKES... it's been a month since the last blog. So much has happened.

One of the dogs peed in my bed. the sheets were new. and freshly washed.
Same dog pooped on my bed while I was in the shower. after I washed the peed sheets.
I am pretty sure that she is mad. I know that I am. She is mad about the new dog run that is 10 x 10 instead of the nice big ole yard that she has had free reign of for the last couple of years. I am mad about... well, you know what I am mad about.

I went to Disney World for the first time:)

I sat with the most beautiful girl on the planet and watched the fireworks over Cinderella's castle.

I saw my sister pay a hundred bucks to have scrambled eggs with some chick in a Cinderella costume. I didn't break it to her that she is really a cartoon.

Had an argument with Drucilla about whether or not she could have my chocolate chip mint ice cream... right in the middle of a parade. paid $5 for that bowl... darn right I kept it.

I rode the monorail.

I ate a turkey leg that tasted like pork. Not sure how this is done.

I traded WAY too many pins.

I rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror. twice:)

I missed my hubby and my son.

I missed my dogs.

One of them did NOT miss me.


rthling said...

The dog needed to initiate the new sheets. She was really just complaining about the thread count.

Hey! The breakfast was free! The magic wand cost $45. But the pictures of Hailey's face when she met the costumed chicks are priceless.

Chris said...

i still think that "magic" wand should light up or poop pixie dust or something.

rthling said...

what's with all the potty talk?

Joanna said...

A dog pooped in your bed and you let it live???