Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Change Shmange

To say that working full time again has changed my life would be the understatement of the century. The last time I worked these hours we hand wrote our journal entries and there was no such thing as (gasp:) the internet. And I had no children. or dogs. We had a cat, but truthfully you don't really have a cat as much as it has you.

We lived in an apartment and thought we were so grown up. as IF. Years don't grow you up near as much as kids do... and trouble. And trouble with kids grows you up the most. That's what I hear anyway; mine are perfect angels (dodging the lightening:)

This time around I am determined to not eat out so much, as we did in those days. I am trying to learn to cook several meals over the weekend and store them in such a way as to preserve a modicum of yumminess for later in the week. It's a challenge. I have learned a few things that work and few that don't. Sometimes the whole meal is left over friendly; sometimes just part can be pre-cooked. And I am trying not to worry about the land fill that I am personally responsible for with my foil pans.

I can't really figure out when to shop. Walmart is CRAZY on the weekends, but I'm exhausted in the evenings. Hubby plays a friendly little game of poker a couple of times a month. I am thinking about trying it then. I spend less when he is not with me. Not that he doesn't get goodies, mind you; he is all about the food related surprises. Somehow, I spend more on other stuff when he is around; much like I do when my sister and I team up. I guess that I am just distracted. Maybe there are Walmart employees who just sneak around the store adding a few items here or there to the ever growing cart. If my kids can get by with it, I assure you that a complete stranger would never even be noticed.

Laundry is also a challenge to get finished over the weekend because you can only make the washer and dryer go SO fast. At least the weather is warming up so I will be able to take advantage of the clothesline that I got last spring. That moves things along a little quicker, and they smell so yummy when I remember to bring them in off the line. Leaving them out in the rain is... well, not so yummy.

I am watching the weeds coming up in what should be a flower bed and sigh to myself. There is no chance that I am going to get to that. The hall has been spackled for painting for two years. whatever.

At least my sister has blessedly succombed to my pleading to groom the girls and I have spoken to a very nice lady who can come and clean my shower.

Yay... maybe I will see that pool this summer.


rthling said...

I'm just glad I don't have to clean the shower! I'd rather bathe dogs any day!

My Goodness said...

And I'd rather go grocery shopping for you...!!!

But having money is nice, right!??!