Thursday, January 21, 2010

ramblings about nothing much

While I am sitting here whining to myself at the lack of blogging material to read from various and sundry friends, I am struck by the irony that it has been a while since I have written anything. oops.

Of course the job is sorta taking up most of my time. That and trying to make it up to the kids. and the dogs. Mostly the dogs, since the kids don't seem to have noticed that their mother is no longer around. Schatzi is trying to convince me that sleeping with us at night is the only way that she will ever know that she is loved again. Truly just blows her kisses from the bed as Daddy carries her off to the kitchen and her crate for another night of solitary confinement. Zoe sleeps with Bethany and is perfectly content with that arrangement. I am not sure if she has noticed that I am gone, either.

Anyhoo... the count down has begun to Disney. Truly has officially earned the right to make the trip with mom and Bethany. The other girls are just too unruly - code for running away when mom is screaming "come here!!!". I have my official mickey mouse sweatshirt hoodie in hand... much too big, but whatever. I am shopping for a fanny pack now to carry stuff around the park. Do you know that Eeyore stuff is really hard to find. Is this too much to ask? I mean really.

that's all I have time for today:)
see you next month.


Joanna said...

I'm just posting the end is near as that is pretty much what life feels like.

Pooh I guess isn't IN any more so all his stuff and friends have gone buh-bye.

rthling said...

Maybe you should look for Eeyore stuff. It might be easier to find... ;-)

My Goodness said...

ahem...sorry! haha!

Fanny pack?? JUST SAY NO!!!!

Roxanne & Lorraine said...

Take it from someone who's been to Disney a gabillion and five times: A fanny pack will out you as a first timer, for sure. ;)

Unfortunately, it's also the only way to go, if you must carry anything.

Have fun! I only ever go back to Disney now with a first timer because their reactions are usually pretty amazing.