Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010... and all that that entails

As we enter into the new year; a new decade, even... I would like to take a moment to pray for less trips to the emergency room than last year. I should have known when the year began with the firstborn throwing himself down a mountain a bazillion miles away from home that we were in for a bumpy ride. Two surgeries, two MRIs, and countless xrays and ultrasounds later the doctor bills are enough to depress Mickey Mouse.

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, the baby girl and I are going to sneak out of town in a few weeks and crash my sister's family vacation to Disney world. I have never been (thanks, DAD:) so we are very excited. Besides, the last real vacation that we have taken was somewhere around nine or ten years ago. I mean, does camping really count as a vacation? I don't think so... not the way I do it anyhow. Unfortunately, Disney is so expensive that only half of the family can afford to go; but, the boys are being very grown up about it. so far.

We are also trying to get the dogs settled for the new year. With momma gone twelve hours a day and three yorkie bladders... well; you do the math. To the end that we don't have to put in concrete floors, we have decided to install a puppy door. Then we have to deal with the problem of dogs barking all day and bothering the neighbors and potential bad people stealing them while they are lounging around unsupervised all day. We also don't want any stray children or other animals coming IN the puppy door. AND... we can't run the risk of any of them being in the mood and having free reign to entice the entire neighborhood to come over and visit. just saying. Holy stinkin' cow... does anyone need a dog? just kidding; I can't part with my babies. I guess you get the point that this is a major project. And by "project" I mean "money pit".

Happy New Year, people!!


rthling said...

PS. I think that camping is vacation...
Especially if you do it at Disney World!

My Goodness said...

Aw, Disney!! I went when I was 7. Barely remember it. We want to take our kids, but I'm determined to wait a few more years to get my money's worth! You and the girl will have a fab time...and those people you're 'crashing'...perfect! It'll be a blast!

A puppy door!? I'm sending Evan right over. Oh wait. He'll get stuck and then WE'LL be in the ER after we pry him out...nevermind!