Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the Season

This Christmas season sure is shaping up to be a different experience; what with momma and her new job. I'm still loving the job, by the way... but I miss not baking cookies with my sister and my daughter. They did it without me this year. Did that sound like pouting? It was.

I've done most of my shopping with hubby this year, which we haven't done for years. That was nice; but shopping for him has been a challenge:) It's one thing to pull the wool over the eyes of a two year old. But a grown man?... Just point him into the fishing lure isle.

Most of the celebrating is complete with the exception of the actual day. Church musicals and Sunday school parties are done as well as one of the four extended family get togethers. One of the extended family parties has said nary a word about getting together this year. I must be in trouble. Oh well.

Love me some Christmas time:)


rthling said...

Said family member is busy fixing up the two houses she just bought.
Number one is finished today, and moving on to number two tomorrow.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a house flip.
(PS. I missed making cookies with you this year, too. I was pouting on the inside.)

Chris said...

said family member is right where she wants to be. her deadline is self imposed. i am sure that a guilt trip is on the way for why SHE was neglected over the holiday.