Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the Season

This Christmas season sure is shaping up to be a different experience; what with momma and her new job. I'm still loving the job, by the way... but I miss not baking cookies with my sister and my daughter. They did it without me this year. Did that sound like pouting? It was.

I've done most of my shopping with hubby this year, which we haven't done for years. That was nice; but shopping for him has been a challenge:) It's one thing to pull the wool over the eyes of a two year old. But a grown man?... Just point him into the fishing lure isle.

Most of the celebrating is complete with the exception of the actual day. Church musicals and Sunday school parties are done as well as one of the four extended family get togethers. One of the extended family parties has said nary a word about getting together this year. I must be in trouble. Oh well.

Love me some Christmas time:)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New lessons about old stuff

So much for my brilliant plan of weekend blogging. Weekends at this point are somewhat of a blur of laundry and cooking and shopping and church. I am not sure what I was thinking when I said that I would have time to sit at a computer... or that I would want to after sitting at one all day every other day of the week.

So... I am going to try lunch time blogging before I give this up completely:)

I have learned a few things about myself these last few busy weeks. First, I really am a list nerd. Not that I haven't been told that over the years; sometimes with a smile and sometimes not so much... I do believe that "control freak" may have been used. whatever. Those who accuse often rely on my organized nature to bring order to their own lives; and eat at my table come Thanksgiving. I'm just saying.

My job is primarily about bringing order to the chaos of insurance submissions and rejections and such. It comes as no real surprise that insurance companies are not falling all over themselves to pay their providers in spite of the ridiculous premiums that we pay. Seeing it on paper is a bit of an eye opener, I must admit; but charting their insufficiencies is really fascinating.

I have also learned that I LOVE sleeping to work. That little cat nap is just what I need to make it thru the day. I really hate it when hubby tells me he is test driving a car home for the night, cause although that means I get to go home an hour early; it also means that I will be driving myself to work at the crack of dawn. yuck.

And... I have been reminded that I am a bit short tempered with rude and/or stupid drivers. It has been years since I have regularly driven in the high volume of rush hour. Memphis drivers are the worst. The shoulder is NOT A LANE, PEOPLE... and I will stick my little Malibu hiney over the line to make you follow the rules without any remorse whatsoever. And when I am tooling along with the flow of traffic, do NOT mosey over in front of me if you are not willing to keep up. And, no, flipping on your bright lights will not make me want to move out of your way so that you can blow my doors off.

Just for the record, I am not sleeping and driving at the same time:)

I sleep to work and drive home.

In case you were wondering.