Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three blind mice

When I think of mice, I think of cute little furry faces sewing and singing things like, "we can do it, we can do it. We can help our Cinderelly, we'll make a dress so pretty; there's nothing to it really..." BUT, when they are scurrying across my peripheral vision thru the laundry room and leaving evidence of their presence in the pantry baskets - that is just not cool. Especially when you throw into the equation the three yorkies that live here on purpose. Yorkies were especially bread to combat rodent issues, so they take great offense at the little interlopers.

Because of the dogs, I refuse to use any kind of poison to rid myself of these little critters. Hubby thought that the glue traps would work, but one very early morning session with a tiny little cartoon character sealed to a black death trap and screaming its lungs out assured me that this was not for us. I much prefer the old tried and true "bait and wack" trap of our forefathers. After the glue strip fiasco, three other bait and wack successes, and several nights following with no results I decided that I could ditch what was left of my traps. What a fool was I:)

Yesterday, Schatzi had a fit in my bedroom while I was cleaning. This usually means that she has inadvertently rolled her beloved tennis ball into an inaccessible area. I tried to convince her that her ball would not fit behind the dresser, but after a half hour or so of whining and scratching I finally pulled the dresser out from the wall for her to have a look see. Picture this... I am moving furniture at the request of a five pound ball of hair. Of course, by then the mouse was long gone and I got the satisfaction of being right.

However, today as I was checking my mail and various other online stuff I happened to see the dreaded flash of scampering feet running under the dryer. Needless to say, I have purchased a new round of traps and will start them tonight. Unless someone knows if singing, sewing mice also do laundry.


rthling said...

Why do we let ourselves be bossed around by animals that are slightly larger than rodents, anyway?
PS. I don't have a problem with capturing the furry little beasts on glue trays, but I also caught one and tossed it in the garbage can that had about three inches of water in it, because I knew it would drown eventually.

Joanna said...

It's that time of year. At least your mice stay on the floor instead of holding a dance off on the countertop like we have going on here. Ick!