Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Round and round and round she goes...

Where she stops, nobody knows.

This summer has been one big giant whirlwind of change, not my strong suit I must admit. I am getting a little dizzy; and it is not over yet. I have a second interview with a home health care organization that I am pretty excited about. They need someone to do their billing and collections for them and I am just the girl to do it.

It can't be any harder getting money out of insurance companies than it was to get cable companies to pay their subcontractors, something I have had a little experience with. These giant media conglomerates work very hard to complicate their billing procedures to the end that payment can sometimes take months to process while the little subcontractor companies are scrambling to make payroll week to week. I can't tell you how many hoops that I have had to jump thru to get a positive cash flow... "stand on your left foot, pat your head, close one eye... ship three copies of the invoices to two different locations (overnight, of course), call Joanie or Mark or Steve". And of course they changed my contacts constantly; either they were in a different office or a different state or had been replaced altogether.

Been there; done that. Bring it on:)

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