Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello again, hello.

yeah yeah yeah. I know. It's been a month. I've been a little busy having organs removed and stuff. I am having a momentary break where the level of drugs is high enough to blur the pain without turning my brain to mush, so I thought I would give out a little update to my friends who think that I have been abducted by aliens.

As I have alluded to in the past, I have an autoimmune disease that my doctor refers to as Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which of course no one has ever heard of. Even the nurse at the hospital when I was doing the pre-op work up seemed confused by the name and the list of meds that I take every day. These med keep in the inflammation in my connective tissues from irritating things like... oh... my heart and lungs and junk like that. The amount of pain that I am in pretty much depends on how much inflammation I am experiencing, so we like to keep that down in order for me to do stuff like get out of bed.

Anyhoo... these last years the meds have been doing a better than fair job of keeping things under control. Guess you could call that a remission of sorts. In any case, it seems that the stress of gall bladder surgery was more than my immune system could process because as the pain from surgery began to subside, I was left with more than my fair share of inflammation and therefore the chest pain has returned. Guess you could call this a relapse.

I am being kind of flippant here because no one likes to get bummed out, but this is pretty much my worst nightmare so I could use whatever love and support I can get. and prayers. and cookies. just kidding:)

Moving on... surgery went off without a hitch, you will be glad to know. Woke up in recovery without orders for pain meds. That wasn't too much fun. Anesthesia apparently makes me violently ill, which wasn't too much fun either, but over all it was fine. And, that pain the in wrong side of my abdomen seems to be gone as well. who knew? And the dogs??? they were all over momma and laying around during recovery. Discovered that Schatzi really is that lazy.

Surgery happened to fall on Bethany's first week of school. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would about her leaving. Could have been because I was pretty much unconscious. Good thing she can drive. I'm just saying.

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Joanna said...

I still think you're allergic to your mom. Too bad that can't make a pill for THAT! You know I would share my stash. :)

Hope you recovery quickly.