Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Reading

Bethany's summer reading assignment includes Silas Marner, which I distinctly remember as being the most boring book of all time with the possible exception of The Good Earth, and a biography or autobiography of her choice. She didn't have any particular preference for the biography, other than it should be as short as possible, so I went to the used book store to pick up a little something on her behalf. There was a whole shelf of possibilities, but since I didn't really think that she would be interested in the life of Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana, I was stumped. I did run across a couple of copies of Mommie Dearest, which brought back a deluge of memories of junior high when the girls were passing around a copy of that with the "good" pages marked. Most of what I learned about boys and girls came from Margaret's talks with God and Christina Crawford. I decided to pass on that one.

I finally found a relatively small biography of C.S. Lewis which I thought that she would enjoy. She has always been a big fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, so this should keep her interest for a bit.

I have mostly been reading junk... and alot of it here lately. I guess that it is time for me to dig out my copy of Jane Eyre or maybe The Scarlett Letter. Bethany and I read To Kill a Mockingbird together last year and she enjoyed it so much that she has read it again just for herself, although we haven't gotten thru the entire video of it yet.

I love that my kids are old enough to enjoy literature with me. Brian and I spend alot of time tearing the movie version of The Count of Monte Cristo apart, but the Bethany and I love Pride and Prejudice. We both think that Mr. Darcy is the most romantic character of all time.

Do yourself a favor... get a bookcase and start stocking it. Your kids will be there before you know it:)

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rthling said...

You know that saying about how it's better to have a friend with a pool, than to have a pool?
It's the same with bookcases.