Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Four weeks and counting

Last night I looked down at the dash of my car to find the "check oil" light flashing at me. Usually I just deal with this by turning off the engine and starting it again... just to see if it is serious. Seems that the silly thing is 4000 miles past its due date; must be those crazy kids and all their driving. I guess that I better run it down to Walmart for an oil change...

Speaking of change... has anyone else noticed their kids slipping back into the natural urge to take you for granted and walk all over you on a daily basis? I'm thinking that it must be that time again. You know; the time when you put on your big girl panties, stand up as straight as you can, and put down your size eights... real hard. A friend of mine sent out an email this morning talking about "boot camp" at her house, which totally cracks me up because when the kids were small I actually used to call it that, too.

What is even funnier to me is that I started the routine last night... before I had heard a word from Jenny:) Like I said, it must be that time of year. We have just four short weeks to get these kids ready for the new school year. move it. move it. move it. (you have to say that part like a drill sergeant, in case you were wondering about the bold print:)

Of course, these days boot camp looks much different. Mom's first step to independence looked like this... crazy woman collecting all of the phones - cell and otherwise, dish remotes, and locking the computer down on the way to bed. I have learned the hard way that teens take advantage of these items while the people who work are sleeping. As the teens watch in terror at the crazy woman lining up these items on her dresser the conversation goes something like this...

"Mom, I was gonna call so-and-so"

"I'm sorry son, but you don't have phone service..."

"Yes we do... you just put the phones on your dresser"

"Nope; your dad and I have phone service and internet and dish network cause we have paid for it. You have nothing. good night."

Since I still haven't seen his sweet face as it rolls past 10 am, I am thinking that I have yet to get thru to this child.

hmmm. what next?

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rthling said...

Oh, the things to look forward to...