Tuesday, July 28, 2009

emergency room adventures

In my relentless effort to stick it to the insurance company, I decided to make a little run to the emergency room the other night. It turns out that your gall bladder can cause a whoppin' bunch of pain when it gets a little testy. It also turns out that they like to remove it when that happens. yay me.

I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow, to the end that I follow the ER instructions to "have it out within the week". Sure hope he has an opening. So, off I go to another surgery. Two in three months. wow; that's crazy. Sure hope it works. I have spent years on the treadmill of testing/no diagnosis/throw pills at the symptoms. I don't really have alot to faith in the medical community and since the pain that I am having is nowhere near my gall bladder... well; we'll see. BUT, my deductible should be met so I say go for it.

For some reason hospitals don't just give you a blanket... and if you need a pillow; forget about it. In my genius, I rolled up the pants that I had worn into the hospital to use as a pillow. While they were transporting me all over tarnation checking for gall stones and kidney stones, it suddenly occurred to me that in my drugged stupor I may lose track of my makeshift pillow. I could just picture me trying to leave the hospital without my pants. hm. that was funnier when I was drugged. go figure.

While I was donating blood and other bodily fluids, they discovered that I had a UTI. hmmm. They gave me an IV drip of leviquin for the UTI, which apparently my stomach does not care for. I would say that I was projectile vomiting by the time I got home, but that would just be gross. It took me a couple of days to be able to pick my head up off of the pillow, but its all good now. They also gave me some good pain medicine for the gall stones. For some reason it gives me a raging headache which makes no sense at all. All in all, it's shaping up to be a pretty poopy week.

After the wonderful night at the ER, hubby was driving me home thru a very violent lightening storm that proceeded for several hours. The strobing effect of the lights was really not helping my nausea, but we made it home without getting electrocuted so I was thankful. We got home to find Truly anxiously awaiting our arrival. The thunder was scaring the bjeepers out of her. I relented and let her sleep in our bed, but I spent the next couple of hours peeling her off of my head. It wasn't pretty.

I will be SO glad when this week is over.


rthling said...

Man, when it rains, it pours!
I can't decide if I should walk near you, since you obviously take all the lightning strikes, anyway, or really, really far from you, so I don't get hit.
Meanwhile, I'll be there tomorrow to take you to the surgeon.

Jenny said...

Chris, I just read this! I will be praying that you will feel better very soon.

Joanna said...

Yikes woman! Gall stones and UTI? Here you can have my chocolate. :}