Tuesday, July 28, 2009

emergency room adventures

In my relentless effort to stick it to the insurance company, I decided to make a little run to the emergency room the other night. It turns out that your gall bladder can cause a whoppin' bunch of pain when it gets a little testy. It also turns out that they like to remove it when that happens. yay me.

I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow, to the end that I follow the ER instructions to "have it out within the week". Sure hope he has an opening. So, off I go to another surgery. Two in three months. wow; that's crazy. Sure hope it works. I have spent years on the treadmill of testing/no diagnosis/throw pills at the symptoms. I don't really have alot to faith in the medical community and since the pain that I am having is nowhere near my gall bladder... well; we'll see. BUT, my deductible should be met so I say go for it.

For some reason hospitals don't just give you a blanket... and if you need a pillow; forget about it. In my genius, I rolled up the pants that I had worn into the hospital to use as a pillow. While they were transporting me all over tarnation checking for gall stones and kidney stones, it suddenly occurred to me that in my drugged stupor I may lose track of my makeshift pillow. I could just picture me trying to leave the hospital without my pants. hm. that was funnier when I was drugged. go figure.

While I was donating blood and other bodily fluids, they discovered that I had a UTI. hmmm. They gave me an IV drip of leviquin for the UTI, which apparently my stomach does not care for. I would say that I was projectile vomiting by the time I got home, but that would just be gross. It took me a couple of days to be able to pick my head up off of the pillow, but its all good now. They also gave me some good pain medicine for the gall stones. For some reason it gives me a raging headache which makes no sense at all. All in all, it's shaping up to be a pretty poopy week.

After the wonderful night at the ER, hubby was driving me home thru a very violent lightening storm that proceeded for several hours. The strobing effect of the lights was really not helping my nausea, but we made it home without getting electrocuted so I was thankful. We got home to find Truly anxiously awaiting our arrival. The thunder was scaring the bjeepers out of her. I relented and let her sleep in our bed, but I spent the next couple of hours peeling her off of my head. It wasn't pretty.

I will be SO glad when this week is over.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Reading

Bethany's summer reading assignment includes Silas Marner, which I distinctly remember as being the most boring book of all time with the possible exception of The Good Earth, and a biography or autobiography of her choice. She didn't have any particular preference for the biography, other than it should be as short as possible, so I went to the used book store to pick up a little something on her behalf. There was a whole shelf of possibilities, but since I didn't really think that she would be interested in the life of Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana, I was stumped. I did run across a couple of copies of Mommie Dearest, which brought back a deluge of memories of junior high when the girls were passing around a copy of that with the "good" pages marked. Most of what I learned about boys and girls came from Margaret's talks with God and Christina Crawford. I decided to pass on that one.

I finally found a relatively small biography of C.S. Lewis which I thought that she would enjoy. She has always been a big fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, so this should keep her interest for a bit.

I have mostly been reading junk... and alot of it here lately. I guess that it is time for me to dig out my copy of Jane Eyre or maybe The Scarlett Letter. Bethany and I read To Kill a Mockingbird together last year and she enjoyed it so much that she has read it again just for herself, although we haven't gotten thru the entire video of it yet.

I love that my kids are old enough to enjoy literature with me. Brian and I spend alot of time tearing the movie version of The Count of Monte Cristo apart, but the Bethany and I love Pride and Prejudice. We both think that Mr. Darcy is the most romantic character of all time.

Do yourself a favor... get a bookcase and start stocking it. Your kids will be there before you know it:)

The small stuff

As I sit here listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof, I am feeling a little tickled with myself. All summer long I have been playing this little game with God that goes something like this... 1) hm. the pool is a little low. guess I'll drop a hose in it and add a little water (cha ching) 2) forget the hose is running... rats. 3) rain three inches 4) drain excess water out of the pool. Today it needed water in the worst way, but would I give in?? nope. It's fine now. Thanks God.

Today is also Brian's day off of work. He was going to go fishing with some friends. He was gone about 15 minutes when the deluge came. chuckle. chuckle. When you get older the smallest things amuse you:)

Yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning hubby stepped out of bed into an unfortunate pile of what occasionally happens when you have three dogs. He jumped back onto the other foot into a puddle of what happens when they have been trying and trying to get you to get up off the couch and let them out. I did not laugh. out loud.

My favorite... I recently shocked the socks off of a teenager with my uncanny ability to read her mind.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Four weeks and counting

Last night I looked down at the dash of my car to find the "check oil" light flashing at me. Usually I just deal with this by turning off the engine and starting it again... just to see if it is serious. Seems that the silly thing is 4000 miles past its due date; must be those crazy kids and all their driving. I guess that I better run it down to Walmart for an oil change...

Speaking of change... has anyone else noticed their kids slipping back into the natural urge to take you for granted and walk all over you on a daily basis? I'm thinking that it must be that time again. You know; the time when you put on your big girl panties, stand up as straight as you can, and put down your size eights... real hard. A friend of mine sent out an email this morning talking about "boot camp" at her house, which totally cracks me up because when the kids were small I actually used to call it that, too.

What is even funnier to me is that I started the routine last night... before I had heard a word from Jenny:) Like I said, it must be that time of year. We have just four short weeks to get these kids ready for the new school year. move it. move it. move it. (you have to say that part like a drill sergeant, in case you were wondering about the bold print:)

Of course, these days boot camp looks much different. Mom's first step to independence looked like this... crazy woman collecting all of the phones - cell and otherwise, dish remotes, and locking the computer down on the way to bed. I have learned the hard way that teens take advantage of these items while the people who work are sleeping. As the teens watch in terror at the crazy woman lining up these items on her dresser the conversation goes something like this...

"Mom, I was gonna call so-and-so"

"I'm sorry son, but you don't have phone service..."

"Yes we do... you just put the phones on your dresser"

"Nope; your dad and I have phone service and internet and dish network cause we have paid for it. You have nothing. good night."

Since I still haven't seen his sweet face as it rolls past 10 am, I am thinking that I have yet to get thru to this child.

hmmm. what next?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blue Cross Blue Big-Fat-Hole-In-The Shield

Hey ya'll:) Internet is back up and running... yippee and don't ask:)

In the days while I have been running silent, we have been having some more trips to the doctor over here. Not me, for once - but I'm still paying the copays. Brian has an auto immune disease called ankylosing spondylitis, which I only mention because someone else may be suffering from this degenerative disease and be in need of support. In any case, his has been in remission for a couple of years in that it really hasn't appeared to be advancing until this past week. Now his pain is extensive and the nerve running down his left leg is so agitated that it is causing the muscle to spasm, etc. blah blah blah. This is a difficult time for him and we would appreciate your prayers, but I won't embarrass him by boring you with the details.

After a harrowing night, we tried to make a visit to his primary care doctor only to discover that our particular network with Blue Cross is no longer welcome at his office. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that it isn't the doctor's fault... His ortho doc was out of town for the holiday and his reumatologist has retired. yay. We were so fortunate to find a replacement ortho doc who could see him quickly. Medrol dose pack and two visits later and we are checking into the hospital radiology department for a new MRI.

Did I mention that we have a deductible for that? Those BCBS people are killing me with their "deductibles". Did you know that an MRI is $1500...? Did you know that each member of our family has a $1500 deductible? When I mentioned to the lady checking us in at the hospital that I had recently had surgery on my hand and that it was $1500... the same price as a 30 minute nap in a giant camera, she didn't seem too impressed.

Interestingly enough, as the bills roll in for Brian's broken collar bone and treatment in January, my hand injury and subsequent surgery, and now this I am finding that BCBS is not paying so much as they are "adjusting" the bills.

alrighty then.