Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For Sale

Inground swimming pool. Water is a little cloudy. Filtration cartridge case is in several pieces. Polaris pump will probably not last the season. Not really sure how to transport, but it will probably take a really big hitch.

just kidding. I can't sell the pool. I can't swim in it either. Oh well, maybe I will start a contest among my friends to find other uses for the hole in my back yard. Ooo Ooo... I could give away left over chemicals as prizes. Ooooor... maybe some of the cool pool toys that I have been stocking up on in anticipation of our summer. whatever.

I know. We could fill it with dirt and use it for a giant planter. or I could buy big fish to put in there and just let the algae grow. It would make a cool pond.

except for the slide going into it.


rthling said...

I'm sure we could think of something cool to do with the slide...
Maybe you could grow some sort of creeping vine on it.

rthling said...

It could be like a really random water feature. ;)