Friday, June 19, 2009

Chemistry 101

I have a confession to make. I hated high school chemistry. I am not even sure that I passed that class. I remember nothing about it, except that the teacher was strange and there was a huge chart to memorize. You would think that that chart would have appealed to me. It didn't.

Now I have a pool and the joke's on me, people. Last week I put in a very expensive bottle of stain remover stuff. Last year I learned my lesson about that stain remover stuff here - http:// - if you have forgotten.

Anyhoo... I am now afraid to add anything to the pool too soon, because every time they try to explain the chemicals to me and how they interact with each other I go into some kind of trance. I see their lips moving, but all I hear is blah blah blah. See my problem?

Now the water has started to smell funny, and not in a haha sort of way. On a side note, I was complaining to hubby about the funny smell of the water and he almost drown getting a good whiff. Now THAT was funny in a haha sort of way:)

I sent Brian into the scary pool store with a water sample (one of theirs, this time:) so that they could test the water. Turns out that my stabilizer is a little low... okay, I have some of that. My ph is perfect... go me. And my chlorine is non existent... oops, gonna need some of that. Funny thing is, we just had a new chlorinator installed about 10 days or so ago. Now what. Brian dropped a chlorine tab into the skimmer for a quick fix, while I figure out how the chlorine is not getting to the pool. The dial is set full open; what could be wrong. I was laying in bed last night when I had a crazy idea... I wonder if the chlorinator is empty... checked in this morning.



rthling said...

It's okay if David drowns. Brian can go all EMT on his butt and resuscitate him.
So I guess the pool doesn't smell like something's burning anymore, eh?

Anonymous said...

:) You make me smile! Sounds about like what I would have done too.
(I LOVED chemistry)