Monday, May 25, 2009

yes... i'm still alive:)

okay... so i'm still typing with one hand-ish, so don't judge:)

the surgery went fine. my hand is recovering. today i get to get it wet for the first time in three weeks. i'm thinking about washing it. i still can't soak it in the water, which means i can't do the dishes. rats. truth is that it is pretty much useless right now, so doing the dishes is kinda out of the question anyway. the nerve to the index finger was severed, which means i can't feel anything except pain and the tendon was cut in half, which means i have very little mobility or strength. yippee. the nerve to the thumb was damaged, but the doc says he doesn't know how I did that. just talented, i guess.

i am only telling you all of these boring details because apparently everyone wants to know. complete strangers in walwart want to know. i really don't get that, but i promise you that i have told this story at least 4 thousand times in the past three weeks. makes a girl think twice about going out in public... i'm thinking about getting a tee shirt made with the details printed on the back.

in the mean time, we have been trying to get the pool open for the summer which is somewhat of a challenge with only one hand. but, with a little help from my sister and her kids we got all the cover off and clean. hubby and son did a little vacuuming of the bottom... once the pool guy changes a few seals that are leaking, we should be good to go. we are running a little later this year, but the water is still to cold for me anyway so who cares.

i am also desperate to get my house clean before the friends start showing up to swim:) right now i have laundry sorted in my kitchen floor. my dogs love it. there is a yorkie on top of each of three loads. they keep taking turns on different piles, which makes is difficult to keep them neat, but whatever.

okay... off to balance the check book. yay.


rthling said...

Hey, at least it's not cutting into your swimming time...

Joanna said...

Oh man! You've had a hard few weeks.

Don't bother with the shirt - some idiot will read it and then want you to give them the blow by blow details you left out. Then they will forget and ask you the same question 4 rows later. Wha? I shop at Wal-Mart and I've seen those kind of people roaming the store.