Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ah... summer time.

After spending yet another entire day in the back yard with an utterly undesirable looking pool, I am beginning to think that my plan to open the pool ourselves was completely misguided. What was I thinking?? Oh, I know what I thought... I thought that I could save a buck or two. Silly, stupid girl. Now we are quickly approaching the first of June and I cannot be too sure how much longer its going to be before I will feel like putting my skin into that water.

Yesterday I learned that the pump for the Polaris will most likely not last the season... $300. Today I learned that the filter needs to be replaced. pronto... $300. Hey, even I can add that. That adds up to no new bathing suits this year. for anyone. We are experimenting with some filter cleaner stuff tonight to see if the filter will at least last until the one I found online can be shipped.

When we turned on the pump last week, I knew something wasn't quite right. By today every time I turned it on it blew the lid clean off of its case once it had built up enough pressure to pull the water thru the system. Kind of gives me a visual for blowing your top. I'm just saying.

The good news is that we can turn on the pump without the filter so that we can be getting the chemical balanced while we deal with it. The bad news is that no one told me that we should have been doing that before. Apparently it is bad for the filter to let all of those chemicals run thru it. You don't say.

In the mean time, between the one handed house wife and the one handed pool stoodge the house and yard are going to pot. There is a field of clover out in the back yard. If you come over to swim at some point, be sure to wear something on your feet or you WILL get stung. And if you come over too soon, I just might put you to work:)


Jenny said...

She's using the shift key again! WOOHOO!!!

Kevin's been cleaning our pool out off and on for a week. Good luck!

Chris said...

You noticed my shift key advance:) You'll be glad to know that I am also using a couple of the fingers on the bad hand now too, except that the aim is a little bad on that sode... I mean side. teehee.