Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ah... summer time.

After spending yet another entire day in the back yard with an utterly undesirable looking pool, I am beginning to think that my plan to open the pool ourselves was completely misguided. What was I thinking?? Oh, I know what I thought... I thought that I could save a buck or two. Silly, stupid girl. Now we are quickly approaching the first of June and I cannot be too sure how much longer its going to be before I will feel like putting my skin into that water.

Yesterday I learned that the pump for the Polaris will most likely not last the season... $300. Today I learned that the filter needs to be replaced. pronto... $300. Hey, even I can add that. That adds up to no new bathing suits this year. for anyone. We are experimenting with some filter cleaner stuff tonight to see if the filter will at least last until the one I found online can be shipped.

When we turned on the pump last week, I knew something wasn't quite right. By today every time I turned it on it blew the lid clean off of its case once it had built up enough pressure to pull the water thru the system. Kind of gives me a visual for blowing your top. I'm just saying.

The good news is that we can turn on the pump without the filter so that we can be getting the chemical balanced while we deal with it. The bad news is that no one told me that we should have been doing that before. Apparently it is bad for the filter to let all of those chemicals run thru it. You don't say.

In the mean time, between the one handed house wife and the one handed pool stoodge the house and yard are going to pot. There is a field of clover out in the back yard. If you come over to swim at some point, be sure to wear something on your feet or you WILL get stung. And if you come over too soon, I just might put you to work:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

yes... i'm still alive:)

okay... so i'm still typing with one hand-ish, so don't judge:)

the surgery went fine. my hand is recovering. today i get to get it wet for the first time in three weeks. i'm thinking about washing it. i still can't soak it in the water, which means i can't do the dishes. rats. truth is that it is pretty much useless right now, so doing the dishes is kinda out of the question anyway. the nerve to the index finger was severed, which means i can't feel anything except pain and the tendon was cut in half, which means i have very little mobility or strength. yippee. the nerve to the thumb was damaged, but the doc says he doesn't know how I did that. just talented, i guess.

i am only telling you all of these boring details because apparently everyone wants to know. complete strangers in walwart want to know. i really don't get that, but i promise you that i have told this story at least 4 thousand times in the past three weeks. makes a girl think twice about going out in public... i'm thinking about getting a tee shirt made with the details printed on the back.

in the mean time, we have been trying to get the pool open for the summer which is somewhat of a challenge with only one hand. but, with a little help from my sister and her kids we got all the cover off and clean. hubby and son did a little vacuuming of the bottom... once the pool guy changes a few seals that are leaking, we should be good to go. we are running a little later this year, but the water is still to cold for me anyway so who cares.

i am also desperate to get my house clean before the friends start showing up to swim:) right now i have laundry sorted in my kitchen floor. my dogs love it. there is a yorkie on top of each of three loads. they keep taking turns on different piles, which makes is difficult to keep them neat, but whatever.

okay... off to balance the check book. yay.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How was YOUR day, honey?

It started out as an ordinary day. Sink full of dirty dishes. Piles of laundry. Dogs needing to be fed. Just a day in the life... and then - wham. Dropped a large glass vase into my pretty porcelain sink and tried to catch it. I caught it alright. Right at the moment of impact. It basically exploded in my hands. Bad plan. Right hand came back shredded. I knew right away it was bad. Good news is that my son, who is moments away from getting his EMT licence, AND my car were actually home. Talk about the hand of God.

While Brian was barking instructions to his sister, I was trying to keep from passing out in my kitchen floor. Took those kids seconds to get my insurance card and my bleeding laceration into the car and off to the ER. Wow... that's a switch.

Fortunately, the closest hospital to us is kinda small and doesn't get alot of action. We didnt have to wait too long, which I suppose could have more to do with the greenish color of my face, but whatever. Four hours and sixteen stiches later and I was on my way. whew.

Now I have to have surgery to repair the nerves that I damaged and possibly a tendon. fun. They told me not worry, they won't even put me under for this procedure... just give me a little something to relax me and then a local. I think that I would be more relaxed if they put me under. I'm just saying.

All this to say... I'm gonna be gone for a little while. Typing with one hand is for the birds:)