Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is the point?

When I began this adventure of home schooling - many years ago - a very wise woman that I know gave me a tape by Cynthia Tobias called "Learning Styles", or something like that.

You remember tapes, right. Those plastic thingys with the endless reel of stuff that always slipped off of the track and ended up everywhere if you didn't put it back into the case... Which, of course always seemed to break on the ones you cared about the most. or borrowed.

Anyhow... she gave me this tape of information to help me on my quest to educate my children. Turns out that it did alot for my parenting, too, so it was certainly worth the time. One of the points that she was making was to be prepared for kids who learn differently from us. Everyone has there own "style". For instance, I am a floor person. I like sit in the living room floor and spread everything out on the floor so that I can see the bigger picture. I am getting older now, so I do that less and less but the truth is that that is when I do my best work. Weird, I know. As Cynthia pointed out, it doesn't really matter HOW a person gets where he needs to be. I just matters that he GETS there... at least when it comes to learning. It didn't take long to me to discover precisely what she meant.

My children, especially my daughter, do school work better if there is moderately loud music in the background. I TOTALLY don't get this. I find it distracting and frustrating and it makes me lose my mind. I used to keep a little classical music going in the background during class time, but nothing with words; and nothing too loud. That is in keeping with MY learning style, but not theirs. The prefer to JAM while doing homework. So, I have to keep my motherly need to control the environment in check and let them do what works for THEM. It isn't always easy. Mostly I just want to yell over the music to TURN THAT OFF.

But, as long as she is cranking out the grades and her work is done... that's really the point, right?


My Goodness said...

Really? I TOTALLY used to crank music while I was studying...and now I crank music while I'm working!

That's my style! :)

rthling said...

Hailey wants music on, too.
But so far, I'm still winning, and our classroom is more quiet than a tomb.