Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The end of an era

yeah, yeah, yeah... I've been a little busy. I HAVE a life, you know. So today I took Bethany to a local private school to be "tested". The truth is that I was being tested, but whatever.

It's official. She is leaving the nest. pbbl. Bring on the Zoloft.

Actually, she is just going to school next fall for the first time in TEN - count 'em - TEN years. Okay, well technically she went to class one day a week this year but... this time its for real. Five days a week, and that's just for classes. That doesn't include extra curricular thingys.

So, I am searching her medical records for proof of her immunizations which I think is kinda funny since most of the people doing this are getting their kindergartner's ready for fall, not their high school Junior. I mean her shots were a while ago, people. I am NOT a magician. I'll be calling the health department tomorrow because, unbeknownst to me, her doctors are required to file that info with the health department... probably in case of stupid parents.

I also had to find her birth certificate and social security card. Wow... that took a minute or two. I also had to make sure that her transcripts were neatly recorded with all the curriculum info. Just in case. We have to make sure that she gets the rest of the credits she needs in time for graduation in two VERY SHORT years. And... it would be nice if she could get that cool "honors" diploma that comes with a full college ride to the college of momma's choice.

no pressure.


Joanna said...

Oh yikes! I think I'll cry right along with you.

rthling said...

About time! Now I can pack up Hailey's stuff and you can raise her. You did a fine job with your own...
Just sayin'!