Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And so it goes

First of all, let me say that today is one of those days when I ask myself WHY, oh WHY do I have three - count 'em, THREE - dogs. What the heck was I thinking. This week we have been passing around a serious stomach virus between the canines. I am SO tired of cleaning up the toxic waste that they have produced over the last couple of days. I have moved them out to the sun porch to recover from their nastiness... Smells like someone is decomposing out there, just a few hours later. But, it is too early to start bathing them because this one is far from over. Yay:) Add to that joy, Zoe is back in heat. There is a reason that the "b" word is not a compliment. Zoe is ALL that. and a bag of chips. Off to the sun porch for her, too.

Anyhow... Bethany and I have been feverishly preparing for the summer before the great move. We want to get a couple of classes knocked out before she is at the mercy of any real teachers. I am not sure just what, exactly, I have been doing for the last ten years but you know what I mean. We need to get a credit for geography - which kept getting put off because she HATES geography. Her idea of travelling is getting to go to Target. I am hoping she doesn't wander off, so I'm okay with that. But we need the credit. fine.

We are also back to Spanish. She needs a two foreign language credits - the same language. New school doesn't offer Latin. We took Latin this year. rats. I had bought the Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish with high hopes of sending a bilingual high school graduate off to college. We kind of hit a snag. It's real hard to teach a language that you don't speak. So, months ago, we put this very expensive program away with hopes of getting some of our money back selling it to some other unsuspecting soul.

Then, we decided that we really would like to have this credit on the transcript when we transfer. We dug it out from under this year's debris, put on our happy pants, and approached it with what I hoped was a better attitude. Turns out that it isn't so bad after all.

I have said in the past that the key to home schooling for us is momentum. The other key is timing. I have found that if you go too slow in certain curriculum that it takes too long from test to test for the kids to have to snowball's chance of remembering all of the facts that you have carefully placed into their very active brains. It also backfires if you go too fast. Because this curriculum is different than anything that I have ever used, I have had to take a great deal of time developing a "plan" that fits her needs. Not too slow... not too fast. Seems like we have finally hit upon the right speed for us. She has finished the first 2 lessons of the first unit and we have an A+ average. Now the hard part. She has already passed whatever knowledge I have retained from two years of high school Spanish. yipee.

What I want to know is why the brilliant minds at Rosetta Stone put the directions to all of the worksheets and quizzes and tests in SPANISH. I mean... clearly, we don't speak that language. Thank goodness I have discovered Google - translation. Saved my bacon.

That's all folks.


rthling said...

When I buy it off you I'm using babblefish, and translating it all on the computer.
I'm just saying.

Chris said...

The google translation has been the most accurate that I found. I think you just like saying babblefish.