Monday, March 23, 2009

it's what you don't know...

So. When the kids are very young, you learn an important life lesson. Part of being a mother is having the ability to know the future. Otherwise, how would you know what to tell your kids not to do? I mean, how would you know to teach them not to flush legos down the toilet, if you had never thought to yourself, "hmm... little johnny just might try to flush those legos down the toilet. I better teach him that that is wrong."

And so it goes. You spend year after year trying your best to anticipate all things dangerous, inappropriate, and just plain stupid. You say stuff like, "don't play with matches" and, "don't show your privates to the other kids in the nursery" and, "don't ride your skateboard down the staircase".

Sometimes you can just look in a kid's eye and know what they are thinking. Sometimes you get the chance to make a preemptive strike against poor judgement.

Then, there are the OTHER times. The times when you say to yourself, "why, oh why, didn't I tell him not to shave his arms." I mean, did it ever occur to YOU to tell your son not to shave himself because he lost a bet. Or tell him not to burn random stuff in your back yard. Or not to snort pixie stick dust, just to see what would happen... I'm just saying.

So now I have to admit that it never occurred to me to tell my 19 year old son not to practice with the throwing knives he bought while out of town with a friend on my only tree in the back yard.

Poor tree. I hope it survives my stupidity.