Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I got on the treadmill at the church today and walked/fast walked for about 25 minutes. I think that silly treadmill said that I had burned about enough calories to have one of my valentine candies. That box SAYS that there is 1 pound of orange creams in there, but I beg to differ.

I am working like a crazy woman over here because I decided if I really go back to work someday, I prolly better have my house "in order". There are so many little projects that need done around here. I just amazes me how my husband can STAND his closet. Several month ago one of the shelves just fell over... probably from the stress of the disorder. Instead of removing the offending shelf and reorganizing or installing some updated closet stuff he just left it there. It's been driving me crazy. So, today after returning home from previously mentioned work out I decided to take everything out of that black hole of a closet in there and remove the shelf and the would-be brackets. I am about half finished and needed a break. I think that I am tired of this project, but seeing as how there is a pile of clothes and hats and other JUNK piled on my bed and seeing as how I just might want to sleep there tonight... I guess that I'm gonna have to finish it.

Just one of many such activities that a working mother/wife would not want to come home to.

The school year is on it's final approach. Oh no, we are nowhere near done:) but we are discussing next year's plan. Now that we are down to the last two years of high school we are making plans to get us in the best possible position for scholarship application which may involve some MAJOR changes. Last year, we began to talk and pray about shifting back to the public school arena. Seems like we are back to that and things seem to be heading that way. If we do that, I want to be careful not to waste a moment of the time we have left. For the first time the thought doesn't make we want to hurl, so I think that we are making progress:)


rthling said...

25 minutes?
I think I'm going back to bed.
My head hurts, just thinking about it.

Joanna said...

Do me a favor and write all the stuff to do to survive home schooling through high school. I need some pointers and things to be aware of. Or make it into a book and win all kinds of award for best selling author. :D