Wednesday, February 18, 2009

funny thing about having dogs...

  • is that you NEVER get the couch to yourself again. Unfurling the fuzzy blanket is tantamount to waving a red cape in front of a raging bull. Heaven help you if you get out the heating pad...

  • is that if you should sit at the kitchen table for what is deemed to be an extraordinary amount of time there will be grumbling from the peanut gallery where the canines have been relegated to for the duration of the meal.

  • is that if you are feeling yucky, physically or emotionally, they are all about making you feel better, in whatever way they can, even if it means licking your face off:)

  • is that if you were to take a break out onto the deck to take in a little sunshine, you better look out because they will knock. you. down. to BEAT you out the door.

  • is that you will never again leave food just sitting around. Should you need to answer the phone while eating your taco bell, you will move that TV tray to the middle of the room where it is relatively safe from the scavengers that you live with.

  • is that, should you stand at the stove removing meat from, say, a chicken carcass and not "accidentally" drop a piece now and then... it will not go unnoticed. Zoe, in particular, is very vocal about this process. I guess she feels that it is her solemn duty to provide for her offspring during this moment of opportunity. She also gets pretty bossy if I dare to bathe them; which, of course, I would never do at the same time. I am pretty sure that she would explode.

And last but certainly not least:

  • is that you never get to go to the bathroom alone again. Just about the time I get comfy, three pairs of the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen encircle the potty because now they have my undivided attention. We have long talks here about how they should never poop behind momma's tree in the living room when no one is looking; and no, they should not raid the bathroom trash while the family is deeply involved with the most recent episode of American Idol. Zoe always wants to sit in my lap during these heartfelt conversations, which is most inconvenient. Truly takes this opportunity to tell me the SHE needs to relieve herself at. this. very. moment; and Schatzi, well she's following the big girls in case there is food.

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rthling said...

And that any toilet paper roll that's even slightly unrolled must be unrolled completely in a pile on the bathroom floor.
And if you happen to put them in your room while you entertain guests, you are likely to find a wet spot in your bed, but not until you have turned off the lights, and slid between your sheets.