Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doctor, doctor; give me the news...

I finally made it to the doctor today. After the snow day with no snow, I took my sweet time rescheduling THAT appointment. No snow in the forecast today, so it was a go.

Trouble is, when I FINALLY get around to going to the doctor I have a whole list of stuff to discuss. One "appointment" really just isn't enough time for me to feel that I have been heard. First, I tend to be reflective and take a little coaxing to reveal the true nature to my situation. She really doesn't have time for this. My last doctor was really good at making me feel comfortable. He remembered stuff like where my husband works, what activities my kids are into, and that I home school. Course when we got around to talking about how I was feeling, I always felt a little rushed and since my health was really the point of the visit I kinda wished we spent more time talking about it. This doctor cuts right to the chase and I end up having to set aside my need to be comfortable before I tell her my deepest darkest medical secrets... the whole list of them.

Okay, so which is better??? having a list of six symptoms that may or may not be important? or going to the doctor every couple of weeks with one symptom at a time. I am not sure which one makes me look less crazy, but I know which one is gonna cost me twenty five bucks a pop.

I am still in the limbo land of the undiagnosable diseases so we made sure to take a bucket full of blood to send off somewhere so that someone could run tests and then tell me nothing. We also took urine. I'm clean... that's nice to know. you're welcome.

The bad news is that I can't have caffeine anymore. HUH? No more Dr. Pepper. No more Excedrin. Warning to my friends... MAINTAIN YOUR DISTANCE for the foreseeable future. The good news is that she refilled the good drugs:)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

funny thing about having dogs...

  • is that you NEVER get the couch to yourself again. Unfurling the fuzzy blanket is tantamount to waving a red cape in front of a raging bull. Heaven help you if you get out the heating pad...

  • is that if you should sit at the kitchen table for what is deemed to be an extraordinary amount of time there will be grumbling from the peanut gallery where the canines have been relegated to for the duration of the meal.

  • is that if you are feeling yucky, physically or emotionally, they are all about making you feel better, in whatever way they can, even if it means licking your face off:)

  • is that if you were to take a break out onto the deck to take in a little sunshine, you better look out because they will knock. you. down. to BEAT you out the door.

  • is that you will never again leave food just sitting around. Should you need to answer the phone while eating your taco bell, you will move that TV tray to the middle of the room where it is relatively safe from the scavengers that you live with.

  • is that, should you stand at the stove removing meat from, say, a chicken carcass and not "accidentally" drop a piece now and then... it will not go unnoticed. Zoe, in particular, is very vocal about this process. I guess she feels that it is her solemn duty to provide for her offspring during this moment of opportunity. She also gets pretty bossy if I dare to bathe them; which, of course, I would never do at the same time. I am pretty sure that she would explode.

And last but certainly not least:

  • is that you never get to go to the bathroom alone again. Just about the time I get comfy, three pairs of the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen encircle the potty because now they have my undivided attention. We have long talks here about how they should never poop behind momma's tree in the living room when no one is looking; and no, they should not raid the bathroom trash while the family is deeply involved with the most recent episode of American Idol. Zoe always wants to sit in my lap during these heartfelt conversations, which is most inconvenient. Truly takes this opportunity to tell me the SHE needs to relieve herself at. this. very. moment; and Schatzi, well she's following the big girls in case there is food.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I got on the treadmill at the church today and walked/fast walked for about 25 minutes. I think that silly treadmill said that I had burned about enough calories to have one of my valentine candies. That box SAYS that there is 1 pound of orange creams in there, but I beg to differ.

I am working like a crazy woman over here because I decided if I really go back to work someday, I prolly better have my house "in order". There are so many little projects that need done around here. I just amazes me how my husband can STAND his closet. Several month ago one of the shelves just fell over... probably from the stress of the disorder. Instead of removing the offending shelf and reorganizing or installing some updated closet stuff he just left it there. It's been driving me crazy. So, today after returning home from previously mentioned work out I decided to take everything out of that black hole of a closet in there and remove the shelf and the would-be brackets. I am about half finished and needed a break. I think that I am tired of this project, but seeing as how there is a pile of clothes and hats and other JUNK piled on my bed and seeing as how I just might want to sleep there tonight... I guess that I'm gonna have to finish it.

Just one of many such activities that a working mother/wife would not want to come home to.

The school year is on it's final approach. Oh no, we are nowhere near done:) but we are discussing next year's plan. Now that we are down to the last two years of high school we are making plans to get us in the best possible position for scholarship application which may involve some MAJOR changes. Last year, we began to talk and pray about shifting back to the public school arena. Seems like we are back to that and things seem to be heading that way. If we do that, I want to be careful not to waste a moment of the time we have left. For the first time the thought doesn't make we want to hurl, so I think that we are making progress:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All the news that IS news...

I am feeling a little creative this morning. That, and slightly overworked, underappreciated and just a little tired... totally not the point:) I am working on a project for a friend who has a birthday coming up, making curtains for my kitchen because I have yet to find any that make me happy (in spite of that window being uncovered for over a year), and prepping my "spare" bedroom for a new coat of paint. I am also trying to keep the laundry going and the dishes caught up. whatever.

Those silly curtains are turning into more of a headache than I would have imagined. And more expensive, too. I wanted shutters on that window, but didn't want to pay for them. Maybe I should have...

And that "spare" room. Yeah, well Brian is sleeping in it again. It's too cold in the shop, Mom. I told him that it was gonna get cold, but did he listen to me and put up some walls. nope. I'm such a sucker for a sad, suffering, whiny little kid. even if he is 6'2". I am even doing his laundry again ever since he broke his collar bone on that stupid ski trip. I am sensing a conspiracy here.

I have been feeling really yucky here lately so after a little research on the internet (doctors really like it when you do that:) I am fairly sure that I have landed SMACK in the middle of the perimenopause thingy. breast tenderness; check. trouble sleeping; check. periods from Hades that seem to be getting closer and closer together; check. bladder "issues"; check. mood swings... whatever do you mean??? Made an appointment to see the doctor. I am not sure what good that will do, but you do what you can.

This past weekend we had a tiny little window of springyness... sunshine and warm temperatures. Just enough to make you REALLY tired of winter. I expect it'll snow now. The weather here in the midsouth is always a little crazy. We moan and groan all winter because all the people up north are hogging all the pretty snow and we get nothing but rain; then, just as the bathing suits hit the shelves... WHAM! ice storm.

I saw the first bathing suits at Walmart yesterday. I think I better pick up some milk.

Monday, February 9, 2009

homeschool funny

This morning Bethany was sitting in the living room reading Homer... The Odyssey.

Mom was on the couch with the portable DVD player and the headphones watching... Friends.