Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Easy come. Easy go.

As I was figuring my taxes this morning, I was delighted to find that we had been giving Uncle Sam money hand over fist this year. As my sister will attest to, I generally abhor this behavior. As a bookkeeper, I feel it my patriotic duty to keep my "return" down to a minimum. This is not a savings plan, people. If you truly feel the need to have $50 too much taken out of your paycheck per week, then put it in an interest bearing savings account so that it is at least accessible during the year in case your roof comes off or something. But since 2007, when I had to PAY a considerable amount due to a miscalculation of my own personal highway robbery, I have been overly generous. That year happened to coincide with my "audit". yeah me. I had somehow missed a 1099 about five years before and we all know what the IRS does about penalties and interest and such. Needless to say, making payments to the IRS is not very high on my list of fun stuff to do before I die. Now, as I have stated, I have recently discovered that I need to file an amended return for last year. Hopefully I will have enough "returned" to me this year to correct that little blunder. Boy howdy, do I sound stupid. I have been filing our taxes for 24 years and have never had a problem until recently. Turns out that a foreclosure kinda complicates things. who knew?

Anyhow... just when I was feeling a little cocky about this year's return and planning a new fence and some landscaping doo dads. WHAM. Call from Smith and Nephew. Turns out that Blue Cross of TN has approved the doctor's prescription for the bone growth stimulator machine thingy. great. Turns out that by approve they mean, "sure you can have it, but you will be paying to first several thousand dollars in deductibles blah blah blah". Sure, I'll just write you a check. whatever.

Drove an hour away to the doctor's office to meet the lady from Smith and Nephew and take possession of this little miracle machine. Received directions for application, news about deductible, promises of magical growth progress. I really think that she should have at least taken me to dinner first, dontcha think?

Funny thing is that in all of this tax calculationing I have been reminded that we are paying nearly $10,000 per year for this "health insurance". Yeah, I said it... $9,613.24 last year to be exact. And the deductible and copays and uninsurables keep increasing... along with the price. There has got to be a better way.

In the mean time, I have purchased a bone growth stimulator that I will likely NEVER have use for again. At least, I HOPE not. And if I do, I am sure by then that this little box of ultrasound magic will be obsolete and I will be forced to buy something even more cool and expensive and ultimately useless.


rthling said...

This year Shawn started talking about that flexible spending account. You know, the one that puts money into an account PRE-tax, and gives you a debit card with it to use on medications, co-pays, and BONE GROWTH STIMULATORS.
It doesn't make sense for families like mine, with no chronic health issues, but your family is another story...

Chris said...

we are actually checking out our options. there is some sort of "saving" health account that would require a base of about five grand. all righty then. moving on. maybe if i get a job there i can do the research first hand and come up with some decent alternative. kids are almost out of the picture, but now we are getting older and facing real medical issues. pbbl.

Joanna said...

I know it's a pain but be glad you have insurance. That is so out of our ballpark it isn't even funny.

Maybe you could come up with some alternative use for it and make millions.