Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the Season

This Christmas season sure is shaping up to be a different experience; what with momma and her new job. I'm still loving the job, by the way... but I miss not baking cookies with my sister and my daughter. They did it without me this year. Did that sound like pouting? It was.

I've done most of my shopping with hubby this year, which we haven't done for years. That was nice; but shopping for him has been a challenge:) It's one thing to pull the wool over the eyes of a two year old. But a grown man?... Just point him into the fishing lure isle.

Most of the celebrating is complete with the exception of the actual day. Church musicals and Sunday school parties are done as well as one of the four extended family get togethers. One of the extended family parties has said nary a word about getting together this year. I must be in trouble. Oh well.

Love me some Christmas time:)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New lessons about old stuff

So much for my brilliant plan of weekend blogging. Weekends at this point are somewhat of a blur of laundry and cooking and shopping and church. I am not sure what I was thinking when I said that I would have time to sit at a computer... or that I would want to after sitting at one all day every other day of the week.

So... I am going to try lunch time blogging before I give this up completely:)

I have learned a few things about myself these last few busy weeks. First, I really am a list nerd. Not that I haven't been told that over the years; sometimes with a smile and sometimes not so much... I do believe that "control freak" may have been used. whatever. Those who accuse often rely on my organized nature to bring order to their own lives; and eat at my table come Thanksgiving. I'm just saying.

My job is primarily about bringing order to the chaos of insurance submissions and rejections and such. It comes as no real surprise that insurance companies are not falling all over themselves to pay their providers in spite of the ridiculous premiums that we pay. Seeing it on paper is a bit of an eye opener, I must admit; but charting their insufficiencies is really fascinating.

I have also learned that I LOVE sleeping to work. That little cat nap is just what I need to make it thru the day. I really hate it when hubby tells me he is test driving a car home for the night, cause although that means I get to go home an hour early; it also means that I will be driving myself to work at the crack of dawn. yuck.

And... I have been reminded that I am a bit short tempered with rude and/or stupid drivers. It has been years since I have regularly driven in the high volume of rush hour. Memphis drivers are the worst. The shoulder is NOT A LANE, PEOPLE... and I will stick my little Malibu hiney over the line to make you follow the rules without any remorse whatsoever. And when I am tooling along with the flow of traffic, do NOT mosey over in front of me if you are not willing to keep up. And, no, flipping on your bright lights will not make me want to move out of your way so that you can blow my doors off.

Just for the record, I am not sleeping and driving at the same time:)

I sleep to work and drive home.

In case you were wondering.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend update

Apparently this blogging thing is going to be down to once a week. During the sixth load of laundry of the weekend, I have allotted 9.2 minutes in which to update friends and family as to my life. Mostly because I no longer have time to SEE any of them:)

Bethany had All-West this weekend. She got to leave school early, which she thought was pretty cool, and go practice with some amazingly talented young people and a really fun director. Their concert was this Saturday, so we got all gussied up and went downtown to watch and ogle them. Of course, you have to be careful what you say at these things, since you never know whose parents you are sitting next too... but, may I just say that the soloist was A-MA-ZING. That David boy from American Idol had nothing on him, and I really wanted him to win.

Interesting note during this event. It appears that true courtesy is lost in my generation. Of course the auditorium is packed to standing room only, but it doesn't even occur to the people sitting next to the empty seats to make room or be inviting to those of us who were new and had no idea how packed this thing was going to be. When I finally did get a seat, there were three seats on my left with a woman sitting in the middle. At the approach of a sweet looking married couple she had no problem admitting that the seats were empty... it just didn't occur to her to move over and let them sit together. So, wifey sat on my left with her bewildered hubby on the other side of this stranger. How RUDE!

I also had a snippy little girl waiting on us at Sam's Friday night. Why do they do this thing where a lone checker girl logs all of your intended purchases into her space age hand held computer thingy while you are waiting in line? For some reason, she doesn't do the meat and she was also having trouble keeping up with what she had and had not scanned. I was trying to keep up because I don't want to be overcharged, but we still couldn't remember if she had rung up the trash bags... Guess those are free:) When I pointed out that there were only two lines open on Friday night at 7PM with about a dozen or so people waiting each and that maybe they should consider opening one of the plethora of empty registers she informed me that she would if they HAD more people. Hmmm. Maybe she could use a register; didn't say it, just thought it. What I did say was that I thought that that was funny considering my son who has been looking for work for months and can't seem to find anyone hiring. I guess that the people at Sam's think that as long as we will continue to wait in line for 30 minutes per visit, all while our ice cream is becoming... cream... they can add to the bottom line by utilizing less working bodies.

Oops... there's the dryer buzzer.

See you next week:)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

As my world turns

For my many followers... a-hem - all eight of you:) you may have been wondering where I have been for the past few weeks and how that interview went.

Well, the winterview (as my niece calls it:) went just fine; and I have been busy working at my NEW JOB!! I am officially the billing coordinator for that fine home health agency I was talking about. A whole job that is nothing but charts and lists and Excel spreadsheets. I'm in heaven. AND... I get to work with a very good friend, who just happens to be one of the owners of the company. My goodness, God is SO good.

AND... get this - I get chauffeured to work every morning by hubby. If you happen to be driving down the highway of my town and see someone sitting in the front seat of a little Malibu, curled up with her "fuzzy" blanket and pillow, with her bath and body works velour eye cover upper sound asleep - yeah, that would be me... heading in to work!! Of course, you would have to be up VERY early to see such a sight because we are heading into town at the CRACK OF DAWN. literally. For some strange reason, David thinks that he needs to be at work at least a half hour before the rest of humanity. For a former night person, this is unthinkable. He has to be at work at 7:15; fifteen minutes before his wife who has to be at work at 7:30 and happens to work about seven minutes away. You would think that this would be perfect for us, except for his stupid thirty-minute-early rule. So, I just stay in the car with my fuzzy blanket and continue to snooze until my hand dandy blackberry alerts me to my 7:15 deadline. Then I head on over to my spreadsheets awakened and refreshed.

After work is a little less convenient, since I get off of work an hour before him.

The good news is that there is a brand new Target just down the road.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Round and round and round she goes...

Where she stops, nobody knows.

This summer has been one big giant whirlwind of change, not my strong suit I must admit. I am getting a little dizzy; and it is not over yet. I have a second interview with a home health care organization that I am pretty excited about. They need someone to do their billing and collections for them and I am just the girl to do it.

It can't be any harder getting money out of insurance companies than it was to get cable companies to pay their subcontractors, something I have had a little experience with. These giant media conglomerates work very hard to complicate their billing procedures to the end that payment can sometimes take months to process while the little subcontractor companies are scrambling to make payroll week to week. I can't tell you how many hoops that I have had to jump thru to get a positive cash flow... "stand on your left foot, pat your head, close one eye... ship three copies of the invoices to two different locations (overnight, of course), call Joanie or Mark or Steve". And of course they changed my contacts constantly; either they were in a different office or a different state or had been replaced altogether.

Been there; done that. Bring it on:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Three blind mice

When I think of mice, I think of cute little furry faces sewing and singing things like, "we can do it, we can do it. We can help our Cinderelly, we'll make a dress so pretty; there's nothing to it really..." BUT, when they are scurrying across my peripheral vision thru the laundry room and leaving evidence of their presence in the pantry baskets - that is just not cool. Especially when you throw into the equation the three yorkies that live here on purpose. Yorkies were especially bread to combat rodent issues, so they take great offense at the little interlopers.

Because of the dogs, I refuse to use any kind of poison to rid myself of these little critters. Hubby thought that the glue traps would work, but one very early morning session with a tiny little cartoon character sealed to a black death trap and screaming its lungs out assured me that this was not for us. I much prefer the old tried and true "bait and wack" trap of our forefathers. After the glue strip fiasco, three other bait and wack successes, and several nights following with no results I decided that I could ditch what was left of my traps. What a fool was I:)

Yesterday, Schatzi had a fit in my bedroom while I was cleaning. This usually means that she has inadvertently rolled her beloved tennis ball into an inaccessible area. I tried to convince her that her ball would not fit behind the dresser, but after a half hour or so of whining and scratching I finally pulled the dresser out from the wall for her to have a look see. Picture this... I am moving furniture at the request of a five pound ball of hair. Of course, by then the mouse was long gone and I got the satisfaction of being right.

However, today as I was checking my mail and various other online stuff I happened to see the dreaded flash of scampering feet running under the dryer. Needless to say, I have purchased a new round of traps and will start them tonight. Unless someone knows if singing, sewing mice also do laundry.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dogs days

As we approach the end of the work day, it appears that we have had what appears by all rights to be a good day. We say that with caution because every time we think that, it all goes to caca... but you get the point.

Having said that, my version of a good day these days is that I took a shower and made my bed. Oh, and I put a roast in the oven to cook for supper. Hubs will be so proud - especially of that shower thing. Hair is clean. Legs are shaved. Not a stitch of make up. Oh well, you can't have it all; at least not at the same time:) Hey, and I just have to say that shaving those legs is no small feat, given the amount of drugs I have been taking lately. He should just be thankful that I still HAVE two legs.

I just would like to take a moment to thank Spike TV for having non stop CSI episodes all day every day. I never have been into soaps, but a good murder? who can resist that? It also helps that I have already seen most all of those episodes, so as I drift in and out of consciousness I can still keep up with what is going on.

The dogs have come to think of me as just one of the girls. Laying around all day. Just getting up now and again to pee or get a drink. I am resisting the urge to chase the ball down the hall right now.

Bethany is doing very well in school and I am so proud. The year is already flying by with pictures taken and homecoming this week. Tomorrow is field day. She doesn't even know what "field day" is. She has never done homecoming. It's kinda neat to see her experiencing some more traditional school things. Don't get me wrong, we loved the home schooling thing. I guess this just reaffirms our decision about the timing of this move. Her grades are good, and she is developing good relationships with teachers and students alike. Wow; she amazes me every day. Take THAT, you anti-home schooling "they-will-never-learn-social-skills" dummies. Whew - please excuse me; it's the drug talking:)

Back to the couch people. ttfn.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a boy

Twenty years ago you gave me the most precious gift of being a mom. I gave you the gift of 19 hours of natural childbirth. I may have mentioned it a time or two in the last twenty years...

As you grew...

you became athlete,

and musician,

and hero...

and your mom's pride and joy.

Love you SO much, Brian

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello again, hello.

yeah yeah yeah. I know. It's been a month. I've been a little busy having organs removed and stuff. I am having a momentary break where the level of drugs is high enough to blur the pain without turning my brain to mush, so I thought I would give out a little update to my friends who think that I have been abducted by aliens.

As I have alluded to in the past, I have an autoimmune disease that my doctor refers to as Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which of course no one has ever heard of. Even the nurse at the hospital when I was doing the pre-op work up seemed confused by the name and the list of meds that I take every day. These med keep in the inflammation in my connective tissues from irritating things like... oh... my heart and lungs and junk like that. The amount of pain that I am in pretty much depends on how much inflammation I am experiencing, so we like to keep that down in order for me to do stuff like get out of bed.

Anyhoo... these last years the meds have been doing a better than fair job of keeping things under control. Guess you could call that a remission of sorts. In any case, it seems that the stress of gall bladder surgery was more than my immune system could process because as the pain from surgery began to subside, I was left with more than my fair share of inflammation and therefore the chest pain has returned. Guess you could call this a relapse.

I am being kind of flippant here because no one likes to get bummed out, but this is pretty much my worst nightmare so I could use whatever love and support I can get. and prayers. and cookies. just kidding:)

Moving on... surgery went off without a hitch, you will be glad to know. Woke up in recovery without orders for pain meds. That wasn't too much fun. Anesthesia apparently makes me violently ill, which wasn't too much fun either, but over all it was fine. And, that pain the in wrong side of my abdomen seems to be gone as well. who knew? And the dogs??? they were all over momma and laying around during recovery. Discovered that Schatzi really is that lazy.

Surgery happened to fall on Bethany's first week of school. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would about her leaving. Could have been because I was pretty much unconscious. Good thing she can drive. I'm just saying.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

emergency room adventures

In my relentless effort to stick it to the insurance company, I decided to make a little run to the emergency room the other night. It turns out that your gall bladder can cause a whoppin' bunch of pain when it gets a little testy. It also turns out that they like to remove it when that happens. yay me.

I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow, to the end that I follow the ER instructions to "have it out within the week". Sure hope he has an opening. So, off I go to another surgery. Two in three months. wow; that's crazy. Sure hope it works. I have spent years on the treadmill of testing/no diagnosis/throw pills at the symptoms. I don't really have alot to faith in the medical community and since the pain that I am having is nowhere near my gall bladder... well; we'll see. BUT, my deductible should be met so I say go for it.

For some reason hospitals don't just give you a blanket... and if you need a pillow; forget about it. In my genius, I rolled up the pants that I had worn into the hospital to use as a pillow. While they were transporting me all over tarnation checking for gall stones and kidney stones, it suddenly occurred to me that in my drugged stupor I may lose track of my makeshift pillow. I could just picture me trying to leave the hospital without my pants. hm. that was funnier when I was drugged. go figure.

While I was donating blood and other bodily fluids, they discovered that I had a UTI. hmmm. They gave me an IV drip of leviquin for the UTI, which apparently my stomach does not care for. I would say that I was projectile vomiting by the time I got home, but that would just be gross. It took me a couple of days to be able to pick my head up off of the pillow, but its all good now. They also gave me some good pain medicine for the gall stones. For some reason it gives me a raging headache which makes no sense at all. All in all, it's shaping up to be a pretty poopy week.

After the wonderful night at the ER, hubby was driving me home thru a very violent lightening storm that proceeded for several hours. The strobing effect of the lights was really not helping my nausea, but we made it home without getting electrocuted so I was thankful. We got home to find Truly anxiously awaiting our arrival. The thunder was scaring the bjeepers out of her. I relented and let her sleep in our bed, but I spent the next couple of hours peeling her off of my head. It wasn't pretty.

I will be SO glad when this week is over.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Reading

Bethany's summer reading assignment includes Silas Marner, which I distinctly remember as being the most boring book of all time with the possible exception of The Good Earth, and a biography or autobiography of her choice. She didn't have any particular preference for the biography, other than it should be as short as possible, so I went to the used book store to pick up a little something on her behalf. There was a whole shelf of possibilities, but since I didn't really think that she would be interested in the life of Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana, I was stumped. I did run across a couple of copies of Mommie Dearest, which brought back a deluge of memories of junior high when the girls were passing around a copy of that with the "good" pages marked. Most of what I learned about boys and girls came from Margaret's talks with God and Christina Crawford. I decided to pass on that one.

I finally found a relatively small biography of C.S. Lewis which I thought that she would enjoy. She has always been a big fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, so this should keep her interest for a bit.

I have mostly been reading junk... and alot of it here lately. I guess that it is time for me to dig out my copy of Jane Eyre or maybe The Scarlett Letter. Bethany and I read To Kill a Mockingbird together last year and she enjoyed it so much that she has read it again just for herself, although we haven't gotten thru the entire video of it yet.

I love that my kids are old enough to enjoy literature with me. Brian and I spend alot of time tearing the movie version of The Count of Monte Cristo apart, but the Bethany and I love Pride and Prejudice. We both think that Mr. Darcy is the most romantic character of all time.

Do yourself a favor... get a bookcase and start stocking it. Your kids will be there before you know it:)

The small stuff

As I sit here listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof, I am feeling a little tickled with myself. All summer long I have been playing this little game with God that goes something like this... 1) hm. the pool is a little low. guess I'll drop a hose in it and add a little water (cha ching) 2) forget the hose is running... rats. 3) rain three inches 4) drain excess water out of the pool. Today it needed water in the worst way, but would I give in?? nope. It's fine now. Thanks God.

Today is also Brian's day off of work. He was going to go fishing with some friends. He was gone about 15 minutes when the deluge came. chuckle. chuckle. When you get older the smallest things amuse you:)

Yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning hubby stepped out of bed into an unfortunate pile of what occasionally happens when you have three dogs. He jumped back onto the other foot into a puddle of what happens when they have been trying and trying to get you to get up off the couch and let them out. I did not laugh. out loud.

My favorite... I recently shocked the socks off of a teenager with my uncanny ability to read her mind.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Four weeks and counting

Last night I looked down at the dash of my car to find the "check oil" light flashing at me. Usually I just deal with this by turning off the engine and starting it again... just to see if it is serious. Seems that the silly thing is 4000 miles past its due date; must be those crazy kids and all their driving. I guess that I better run it down to Walmart for an oil change...

Speaking of change... has anyone else noticed their kids slipping back into the natural urge to take you for granted and walk all over you on a daily basis? I'm thinking that it must be that time again. You know; the time when you put on your big girl panties, stand up as straight as you can, and put down your size eights... real hard. A friend of mine sent out an email this morning talking about "boot camp" at her house, which totally cracks me up because when the kids were small I actually used to call it that, too.

What is even funnier to me is that I started the routine last night... before I had heard a word from Jenny:) Like I said, it must be that time of year. We have just four short weeks to get these kids ready for the new school year. move it. move it. move it. (you have to say that part like a drill sergeant, in case you were wondering about the bold print:)

Of course, these days boot camp looks much different. Mom's first step to independence looked like this... crazy woman collecting all of the phones - cell and otherwise, dish remotes, and locking the computer down on the way to bed. I have learned the hard way that teens take advantage of these items while the people who work are sleeping. As the teens watch in terror at the crazy woman lining up these items on her dresser the conversation goes something like this...

"Mom, I was gonna call so-and-so"

"I'm sorry son, but you don't have phone service..."

"Yes we do... you just put the phones on your dresser"

"Nope; your dad and I have phone service and internet and dish network cause we have paid for it. You have nothing. good night."

Since I still haven't seen his sweet face as it rolls past 10 am, I am thinking that I have yet to get thru to this child.

hmmm. what next?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blue Cross Blue Big-Fat-Hole-In-The Shield

Hey ya'll:) Internet is back up and running... yippee and don't ask:)

In the days while I have been running silent, we have been having some more trips to the doctor over here. Not me, for once - but I'm still paying the copays. Brian has an auto immune disease called ankylosing spondylitis, which I only mention because someone else may be suffering from this degenerative disease and be in need of support. In any case, his has been in remission for a couple of years in that it really hasn't appeared to be advancing until this past week. Now his pain is extensive and the nerve running down his left leg is so agitated that it is causing the muscle to spasm, etc. blah blah blah. This is a difficult time for him and we would appreciate your prayers, but I won't embarrass him by boring you with the details.

After a harrowing night, we tried to make a visit to his primary care doctor only to discover that our particular network with Blue Cross is no longer welcome at his office. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that it isn't the doctor's fault... His ortho doc was out of town for the holiday and his reumatologist has retired. yay. We were so fortunate to find a replacement ortho doc who could see him quickly. Medrol dose pack and two visits later and we are checking into the hospital radiology department for a new MRI.

Did I mention that we have a deductible for that? Those BCBS people are killing me with their "deductibles". Did you know that an MRI is $1500...? Did you know that each member of our family has a $1500 deductible? When I mentioned to the lady checking us in at the hospital that I had recently had surgery on my hand and that it was $1500... the same price as a 30 minute nap in a giant camera, she didn't seem too impressed.

Interestingly enough, as the bills roll in for Brian's broken collar bone and treatment in January, my hand injury and subsequent surgery, and now this I am finding that BCBS is not paying so much as they are "adjusting" the bills.

alrighty then.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have discovered that when you have a pool, you no longer wear clothes in the summer. You just roll out of bed into your bathing suit because you never know when you will have to urge to take a quick dip. Saves on the clothing budget.

So this morning I tossed on today's suit of choice, let the dogs out to potty, and proceeded to water all of the flowers that I just had to have... all the while trying not to imagine the cha ching of the water meter. The dogs and I came in, had a bite to eat, and proceeded to check our email when I realized that (gasp!), I have a physical therapy appointment this morning. As I jumped up to get some real clothes on, I remembered...

The kids have my car.

never mind.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Chemistry 101

I have a confession to make. I hated high school chemistry. I am not even sure that I passed that class. I remember nothing about it, except that the teacher was strange and there was a huge chart to memorize. You would think that that chart would have appealed to me. It didn't.

Now I have a pool and the joke's on me, people. Last week I put in a very expensive bottle of stain remover stuff. Last year I learned my lesson about that stain remover stuff here - http:// - if you have forgotten.

Anyhoo... I am now afraid to add anything to the pool too soon, because every time they try to explain the chemicals to me and how they interact with each other I go into some kind of trance. I see their lips moving, but all I hear is blah blah blah. See my problem?

Now the water has started to smell funny, and not in a haha sort of way. On a side note, I was complaining to hubby about the funny smell of the water and he almost drown getting a good whiff. Now THAT was funny in a haha sort of way:)

I sent Brian into the scary pool store with a water sample (one of theirs, this time:) so that they could test the water. Turns out that my stabilizer is a little low... okay, I have some of that. My ph is perfect... go me. And my chlorine is non existent... oops, gonna need some of that. Funny thing is, we just had a new chlorinator installed about 10 days or so ago. Now what. Brian dropped a chlorine tab into the skimmer for a quick fix, while I figure out how the chlorine is not getting to the pool. The dial is set full open; what could be wrong. I was laying in bed last night when I had a crazy idea... I wonder if the chlorinator is empty... checked in this morning.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

physical therapy for dummies

Okay. So I have this little hand thing going on. Apparently every visit to the therapist is going to be subject to my ever increasing co-pay. yippee. The first thing they want to know is, "are you doing your exercises?". I mumble something incoherent into my other hand... Then they ask, "are you wearing the brace we made for you?". More mumbling.

That's when the fun starts. They have been putting my hand into this strange little contraption that is full of corn husks. that's right. corn husks. It's kinda powdery, but it has the distinct smell of the silo that we used to play in when I was a kid.

Anyhow... they heat the corn husk stuff and blow it around inside the machine with my hand trapped inside. It's a good thing that my fingers aren't claustrophobic, like I am; because, I have to admit, it feels pretty good. But, I have to ask myself... who thinks this stuff up? I mean really; corn husks? It's kinda of like getting caught in a tornado in Iowa in July. only just my hand. weird.

Then there is the ultrasound. It is supposed to reduce the scar tissue which is making my mobility difficult. When I told Brian about it, he asked what my hand was "having".

Next crazy idea involves stretching out the damaged index finger. streeeetch. puuuuush. puuuull. beeeend. cuuuuuurl. ouuuuuuch. Then we exercise, bending and curling every imaginable direction. Yeah, pretty much everything that is uncomfortable to do. we do it. over and over again.

Then, she gets out the equipment. We start with a pair of stainless steel orbs about the size of ping pong balls and I have to roll them around and around in the palm of my hand. Then she got out a box of little fuzzy balls like your grandmother would use to make toilet paper doll covers and made me pick them up one at a time using my yucky finger, and tucking them in the palm of the yucky hand. Of course I had to make it challenging by pick up one color at a time. I'm weird like that.

Last but not least, she got out the "massager" which I have to say looks slightly inappropriate, to jangle my nerves into submission. She says that they have to be careful not to call it a vibrator because the men get all giggly. nuff said.

She did a bunch of measurements and said I was doing great. One more visit before my final visit with the doc, and we should be good to go. Now if I can just keep from closing this dead finger in a door or something, I should be in good shape.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

rambling nothingness

Two posts in one day. Don't YOU feel lucky:)

I cannot tell you how weird it feels to type with a numb finger and thumb. I swear if there was some way to type with a lisp, I would be doing it. thorry, I jutht crack mythelf up thometimeth.

Anyway... the thumb is not nearly as dead as the finger, but every time I hit the space bar it's like stomping your foot while its asleep. I'mthinkingabouttypinglikethisforawhile. I don't think that that will work. The finger is just dead weight. I am just dragging it around from key to key and bonking it on the letter, which is slowing down my incredible pace. oh well.

I was hoping to avoid physical therapy, but the doctor put the fear of God into me and, well; I caved. I went straight from his office to the perky devil woman down the hall. Heat therapy... ahh. followed by exercises. OW. Not exactly the spa, but if I can write my name when this is over, then it's all good.

By the way... and totally off the subject. While I have been convalescing, Bethany has gone from driving permit to full fledged licence. yay me. While it is convenient to have her able to drive herself back and forth to music lessons and to Sonic to get me a root beer float, somehow I missed the part where she will now no longer be home. and neither will my car. I think that they both still live here...

Now I have a 19 years old and a 16 year old, neither one of which who owns a car. Between Brian going back and forth to work and various activities and Bethany jetting about town to this and that I am literally stranded in my own home. I make the car note, and the insurance, and fill it with gas and I NEVER have a car. If I had a nickel for every time I have opened the door to leave, only to be faced with an empty carport... that pool would not be such a problem. I'm just saying.

All of that to say that there was actually a day when I told myself that I would not be of those parents who handicapped their children by providing their transportation. I wanted them to learn the lessons of self reliance and responsibility. whatever. I think that those parents may have known something that I had yet to learn.

Someday I might want to go somewhere.

For Sale

Inground swimming pool. Water is a little cloudy. Filtration cartridge case is in several pieces. Polaris pump will probably not last the season. Not really sure how to transport, but it will probably take a really big hitch.

just kidding. I can't sell the pool. I can't swim in it either. Oh well, maybe I will start a contest among my friends to find other uses for the hole in my back yard. Ooo Ooo... I could give away left over chemicals as prizes. Ooooor... maybe some of the cool pool toys that I have been stocking up on in anticipation of our summer. whatever.

I know. We could fill it with dirt and use it for a giant planter. or I could buy big fish to put in there and just let the algae grow. It would make a cool pond.

except for the slide going into it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ah... summer time.

After spending yet another entire day in the back yard with an utterly undesirable looking pool, I am beginning to think that my plan to open the pool ourselves was completely misguided. What was I thinking?? Oh, I know what I thought... I thought that I could save a buck or two. Silly, stupid girl. Now we are quickly approaching the first of June and I cannot be too sure how much longer its going to be before I will feel like putting my skin into that water.

Yesterday I learned that the pump for the Polaris will most likely not last the season... $300. Today I learned that the filter needs to be replaced. pronto... $300. Hey, even I can add that. That adds up to no new bathing suits this year. for anyone. We are experimenting with some filter cleaner stuff tonight to see if the filter will at least last until the one I found online can be shipped.

When we turned on the pump last week, I knew something wasn't quite right. By today every time I turned it on it blew the lid clean off of its case once it had built up enough pressure to pull the water thru the system. Kind of gives me a visual for blowing your top. I'm just saying.

The good news is that we can turn on the pump without the filter so that we can be getting the chemical balanced while we deal with it. The bad news is that no one told me that we should have been doing that before. Apparently it is bad for the filter to let all of those chemicals run thru it. You don't say.

In the mean time, between the one handed house wife and the one handed pool stoodge the house and yard are going to pot. There is a field of clover out in the back yard. If you come over to swim at some point, be sure to wear something on your feet or you WILL get stung. And if you come over too soon, I just might put you to work:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

yes... i'm still alive:)

okay... so i'm still typing with one hand-ish, so don't judge:)

the surgery went fine. my hand is recovering. today i get to get it wet for the first time in three weeks. i'm thinking about washing it. i still can't soak it in the water, which means i can't do the dishes. rats. truth is that it is pretty much useless right now, so doing the dishes is kinda out of the question anyway. the nerve to the index finger was severed, which means i can't feel anything except pain and the tendon was cut in half, which means i have very little mobility or strength. yippee. the nerve to the thumb was damaged, but the doc says he doesn't know how I did that. just talented, i guess.

i am only telling you all of these boring details because apparently everyone wants to know. complete strangers in walwart want to know. i really don't get that, but i promise you that i have told this story at least 4 thousand times in the past three weeks. makes a girl think twice about going out in public... i'm thinking about getting a tee shirt made with the details printed on the back.

in the mean time, we have been trying to get the pool open for the summer which is somewhat of a challenge with only one hand. but, with a little help from my sister and her kids we got all the cover off and clean. hubby and son did a little vacuuming of the bottom... once the pool guy changes a few seals that are leaking, we should be good to go. we are running a little later this year, but the water is still to cold for me anyway so who cares.

i am also desperate to get my house clean before the friends start showing up to swim:) right now i have laundry sorted in my kitchen floor. my dogs love it. there is a yorkie on top of each of three loads. they keep taking turns on different piles, which makes is difficult to keep them neat, but whatever.

okay... off to balance the check book. yay.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How was YOUR day, honey?

It started out as an ordinary day. Sink full of dirty dishes. Piles of laundry. Dogs needing to be fed. Just a day in the life... and then - wham. Dropped a large glass vase into my pretty porcelain sink and tried to catch it. I caught it alright. Right at the moment of impact. It basically exploded in my hands. Bad plan. Right hand came back shredded. I knew right away it was bad. Good news is that my son, who is moments away from getting his EMT licence, AND my car were actually home. Talk about the hand of God.

While Brian was barking instructions to his sister, I was trying to keep from passing out in my kitchen floor. Took those kids seconds to get my insurance card and my bleeding laceration into the car and off to the ER. Wow... that's a switch.

Fortunately, the closest hospital to us is kinda small and doesn't get alot of action. We didnt have to wait too long, which I suppose could have more to do with the greenish color of my face, but whatever. Four hours and sixteen stiches later and I was on my way. whew.

Now I have to have surgery to repair the nerves that I damaged and possibly a tendon. fun. They told me not worry, they won't even put me under for this procedure... just give me a little something to relax me and then a local. I think that I would be more relaxed if they put me under. I'm just saying.

All this to say... I'm gonna be gone for a little while. Typing with one hand is for the birds:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't let the bed bugs bite

I have a problem... I am a chronic insomniac. It is getting worse as I get older. I have tried all kinds of gimmicks and pills and can't seem to shake it. The last week or so I have been taking a combination of melatonin and Tylenol pm, but even that is not quite getting the job done. Of course, like anything the more stuff I take the more stuff it takes. Time to detox. I'm am waiting until after this weekend, because Bethany's 16th birthday is Saturday and we will be having all manner of friends and family over here. I am not very nice when I am tired. you're welcome.

In addition to being a hopeless insomniac, I am also a VERY light sleeper... when the happy moment actually does arrive. When Brian was little I could hear him if he left his room and wandered down the hall toward the living room, no matter how quiet he walked. Because he had to walk between the A/C unit and my bedroom door, the sound that the A/C unit was making would be disturbed momentarily and it would wake me up. OR... if he was smart enough to wait until the A/C shut off, the sound of the carpet piles squishing would wake me up. Poor kid didn't stand a chance.

Naturally, I married the LOUDEST snorer in the tri state area. Needless to say, I "sleep" on the couch alot. The problem with the couch is that it is in the living room. with the dish. Did you know that the DVR talks to the dish all night long? I have no idea what they have to talk about, but all I hear is rr.rr.rr.rr. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. That, and the clock. The one that chimes every hour and TICKS very loudly. So, I have developed this strategic process of pillows under my head and pillows over my head to block out this cacophony. Then there is the heating pad for my back and the pillow between my knees, but that's a whole nother subject.

So anyway, last night while the weather was so pretty the windows were open to let in the fresh spring air and the sounds of some incredibly loud bird who decided to TWEEET TWEEET TWEEET during the wee hours of the morning. I mean "wee"; as in it was still dark as midnight outside. Everyone knows that birds don't start singing till the sun comes up.

Stupid bird.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And so it goes

First of all, let me say that today is one of those days when I ask myself WHY, oh WHY do I have three - count 'em, THREE - dogs. What the heck was I thinking. This week we have been passing around a serious stomach virus between the canines. I am SO tired of cleaning up the toxic waste that they have produced over the last couple of days. I have moved them out to the sun porch to recover from their nastiness... Smells like someone is decomposing out there, just a few hours later. But, it is too early to start bathing them because this one is far from over. Yay:) Add to that joy, Zoe is back in heat. There is a reason that the "b" word is not a compliment. Zoe is ALL that. and a bag of chips. Off to the sun porch for her, too.

Anyhow... Bethany and I have been feverishly preparing for the summer before the great move. We want to get a couple of classes knocked out before she is at the mercy of any real teachers. I am not sure just what, exactly, I have been doing for the last ten years but you know what I mean. We need to get a credit for geography - which kept getting put off because she HATES geography. Her idea of travelling is getting to go to Target. I am hoping she doesn't wander off, so I'm okay with that. But we need the credit. fine.

We are also back to Spanish. She needs a two foreign language credits - the same language. New school doesn't offer Latin. We took Latin this year. rats. I had bought the Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish with high hopes of sending a bilingual high school graduate off to college. We kind of hit a snag. It's real hard to teach a language that you don't speak. So, months ago, we put this very expensive program away with hopes of getting some of our money back selling it to some other unsuspecting soul.

Then, we decided that we really would like to have this credit on the transcript when we transfer. We dug it out from under this year's debris, put on our happy pants, and approached it with what I hoped was a better attitude. Turns out that it isn't so bad after all.

I have said in the past that the key to home schooling for us is momentum. The other key is timing. I have found that if you go too slow in certain curriculum that it takes too long from test to test for the kids to have to snowball's chance of remembering all of the facts that you have carefully placed into their very active brains. It also backfires if you go too fast. Because this curriculum is different than anything that I have ever used, I have had to take a great deal of time developing a "plan" that fits her needs. Not too slow... not too fast. Seems like we have finally hit upon the right speed for us. She has finished the first 2 lessons of the first unit and we have an A+ average. Now the hard part. She has already passed whatever knowledge I have retained from two years of high school Spanish. yipee.

What I want to know is why the brilliant minds at Rosetta Stone put the directions to all of the worksheets and quizzes and tests in SPANISH. I mean... clearly, we don't speak that language. Thank goodness I have discovered Google - translation. Saved my bacon.

That's all folks.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is the point?

When I began this adventure of home schooling - many years ago - a very wise woman that I know gave me a tape by Cynthia Tobias called "Learning Styles", or something like that.

You remember tapes, right. Those plastic thingys with the endless reel of stuff that always slipped off of the track and ended up everywhere if you didn't put it back into the case... Which, of course always seemed to break on the ones you cared about the most. or borrowed.

Anyhow... she gave me this tape of information to help me on my quest to educate my children. Turns out that it did alot for my parenting, too, so it was certainly worth the time. One of the points that she was making was to be prepared for kids who learn differently from us. Everyone has there own "style". For instance, I am a floor person. I like sit in the living room floor and spread everything out on the floor so that I can see the bigger picture. I am getting older now, so I do that less and less but the truth is that that is when I do my best work. Weird, I know. As Cynthia pointed out, it doesn't really matter HOW a person gets where he needs to be. I just matters that he GETS there... at least when it comes to learning. It didn't take long to me to discover precisely what she meant.

My children, especially my daughter, do school work better if there is moderately loud music in the background. I TOTALLY don't get this. I find it distracting and frustrating and it makes me lose my mind. I used to keep a little classical music going in the background during class time, but nothing with words; and nothing too loud. That is in keeping with MY learning style, but not theirs. The prefer to JAM while doing homework. So, I have to keep my motherly need to control the environment in check and let them do what works for THEM. It isn't always easy. Mostly I just want to yell over the music to TURN THAT OFF.

But, as long as she is cranking out the grades and her work is done... that's really the point, right?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The end of an era

yeah, yeah, yeah... I've been a little busy. I HAVE a life, you know. So today I took Bethany to a local private school to be "tested". The truth is that I was being tested, but whatever.

It's official. She is leaving the nest. pbbl. Bring on the Zoloft.

Actually, she is just going to school next fall for the first time in TEN - count 'em - TEN years. Okay, well technically she went to class one day a week this year but... this time its for real. Five days a week, and that's just for classes. That doesn't include extra curricular thingys.

So, I am searching her medical records for proof of her immunizations which I think is kinda funny since most of the people doing this are getting their kindergartner's ready for fall, not their high school Junior. I mean her shots were a while ago, people. I am NOT a magician. I'll be calling the health department tomorrow because, unbeknownst to me, her doctors are required to file that info with the health department... probably in case of stupid parents.

I also had to find her birth certificate and social security card. Wow... that took a minute or two. I also had to make sure that her transcripts were neatly recorded with all the curriculum info. Just in case. We have to make sure that she gets the rest of the credits she needs in time for graduation in two VERY SHORT years. And... it would be nice if she could get that cool "honors" diploma that comes with a full college ride to the college of momma's choice.

no pressure.

Monday, March 23, 2009

it's what you don't know...

So. When the kids are very young, you learn an important life lesson. Part of being a mother is having the ability to know the future. Otherwise, how would you know what to tell your kids not to do? I mean, how would you know to teach them not to flush legos down the toilet, if you had never thought to yourself, "hmm... little johnny just might try to flush those legos down the toilet. I better teach him that that is wrong."

And so it goes. You spend year after year trying your best to anticipate all things dangerous, inappropriate, and just plain stupid. You say stuff like, "don't play with matches" and, "don't show your privates to the other kids in the nursery" and, "don't ride your skateboard down the staircase".

Sometimes you can just look in a kid's eye and know what they are thinking. Sometimes you get the chance to make a preemptive strike against poor judgement.

Then, there are the OTHER times. The times when you say to yourself, "why, oh why, didn't I tell him not to shave his arms." I mean, did it ever occur to YOU to tell your son not to shave himself because he lost a bet. Or tell him not to burn random stuff in your back yard. Or not to snort pixie stick dust, just to see what would happen... I'm just saying.

So now I have to admit that it never occurred to me to tell my 19 year old son not to practice with the throwing knives he bought while out of town with a friend on my only tree in the back yard.

Poor tree. I hope it survives my stupidity.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doctor, doctor; give me the news...

I finally made it to the doctor today. After the snow day with no snow, I took my sweet time rescheduling THAT appointment. No snow in the forecast today, so it was a go.

Trouble is, when I FINALLY get around to going to the doctor I have a whole list of stuff to discuss. One "appointment" really just isn't enough time for me to feel that I have been heard. First, I tend to be reflective and take a little coaxing to reveal the true nature to my situation. She really doesn't have time for this. My last doctor was really good at making me feel comfortable. He remembered stuff like where my husband works, what activities my kids are into, and that I home school. Course when we got around to talking about how I was feeling, I always felt a little rushed and since my health was really the point of the visit I kinda wished we spent more time talking about it. This doctor cuts right to the chase and I end up having to set aside my need to be comfortable before I tell her my deepest darkest medical secrets... the whole list of them.

Okay, so which is better??? having a list of six symptoms that may or may not be important? or going to the doctor every couple of weeks with one symptom at a time. I am not sure which one makes me look less crazy, but I know which one is gonna cost me twenty five bucks a pop.

I am still in the limbo land of the undiagnosable diseases so we made sure to take a bucket full of blood to send off somewhere so that someone could run tests and then tell me nothing. We also took urine. I'm clean... that's nice to know. you're welcome.

The bad news is that I can't have caffeine anymore. HUH? No more Dr. Pepper. No more Excedrin. Warning to my friends... MAINTAIN YOUR DISTANCE for the foreseeable future. The good news is that she refilled the good drugs:)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

funny thing about having dogs...

  • is that you NEVER get the couch to yourself again. Unfurling the fuzzy blanket is tantamount to waving a red cape in front of a raging bull. Heaven help you if you get out the heating pad...

  • is that if you should sit at the kitchen table for what is deemed to be an extraordinary amount of time there will be grumbling from the peanut gallery where the canines have been relegated to for the duration of the meal.

  • is that if you are feeling yucky, physically or emotionally, they are all about making you feel better, in whatever way they can, even if it means licking your face off:)

  • is that if you were to take a break out onto the deck to take in a little sunshine, you better look out because they will knock. you. down. to BEAT you out the door.

  • is that you will never again leave food just sitting around. Should you need to answer the phone while eating your taco bell, you will move that TV tray to the middle of the room where it is relatively safe from the scavengers that you live with.

  • is that, should you stand at the stove removing meat from, say, a chicken carcass and not "accidentally" drop a piece now and then... it will not go unnoticed. Zoe, in particular, is very vocal about this process. I guess she feels that it is her solemn duty to provide for her offspring during this moment of opportunity. She also gets pretty bossy if I dare to bathe them; which, of course, I would never do at the same time. I am pretty sure that she would explode.

And last but certainly not least:

  • is that you never get to go to the bathroom alone again. Just about the time I get comfy, three pairs of the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen encircle the potty because now they have my undivided attention. We have long talks here about how they should never poop behind momma's tree in the living room when no one is looking; and no, they should not raid the bathroom trash while the family is deeply involved with the most recent episode of American Idol. Zoe always wants to sit in my lap during these heartfelt conversations, which is most inconvenient. Truly takes this opportunity to tell me the SHE needs to relieve herself at. this. very. moment; and Schatzi, well she's following the big girls in case there is food.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I got on the treadmill at the church today and walked/fast walked for about 25 minutes. I think that silly treadmill said that I had burned about enough calories to have one of my valentine candies. That box SAYS that there is 1 pound of orange creams in there, but I beg to differ.

I am working like a crazy woman over here because I decided if I really go back to work someday, I prolly better have my house "in order". There are so many little projects that need done around here. I just amazes me how my husband can STAND his closet. Several month ago one of the shelves just fell over... probably from the stress of the disorder. Instead of removing the offending shelf and reorganizing or installing some updated closet stuff he just left it there. It's been driving me crazy. So, today after returning home from previously mentioned work out I decided to take everything out of that black hole of a closet in there and remove the shelf and the would-be brackets. I am about half finished and needed a break. I think that I am tired of this project, but seeing as how there is a pile of clothes and hats and other JUNK piled on my bed and seeing as how I just might want to sleep there tonight... I guess that I'm gonna have to finish it.

Just one of many such activities that a working mother/wife would not want to come home to.

The school year is on it's final approach. Oh no, we are nowhere near done:) but we are discussing next year's plan. Now that we are down to the last two years of high school we are making plans to get us in the best possible position for scholarship application which may involve some MAJOR changes. Last year, we began to talk and pray about shifting back to the public school arena. Seems like we are back to that and things seem to be heading that way. If we do that, I want to be careful not to waste a moment of the time we have left. For the first time the thought doesn't make we want to hurl, so I think that we are making progress:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All the news that IS news...

I am feeling a little creative this morning. That, and slightly overworked, underappreciated and just a little tired... totally not the point:) I am working on a project for a friend who has a birthday coming up, making curtains for my kitchen because I have yet to find any that make me happy (in spite of that window being uncovered for over a year), and prepping my "spare" bedroom for a new coat of paint. I am also trying to keep the laundry going and the dishes caught up. whatever.

Those silly curtains are turning into more of a headache than I would have imagined. And more expensive, too. I wanted shutters on that window, but didn't want to pay for them. Maybe I should have...

And that "spare" room. Yeah, well Brian is sleeping in it again. It's too cold in the shop, Mom. I told him that it was gonna get cold, but did he listen to me and put up some walls. nope. I'm such a sucker for a sad, suffering, whiny little kid. even if he is 6'2". I am even doing his laundry again ever since he broke his collar bone on that stupid ski trip. I am sensing a conspiracy here.

I have been feeling really yucky here lately so after a little research on the internet (doctors really like it when you do that:) I am fairly sure that I have landed SMACK in the middle of the perimenopause thingy. breast tenderness; check. trouble sleeping; check. periods from Hades that seem to be getting closer and closer together; check. bladder "issues"; check. mood swings... whatever do you mean??? Made an appointment to see the doctor. I am not sure what good that will do, but you do what you can.

This past weekend we had a tiny little window of springyness... sunshine and warm temperatures. Just enough to make you REALLY tired of winter. I expect it'll snow now. The weather here in the midsouth is always a little crazy. We moan and groan all winter because all the people up north are hogging all the pretty snow and we get nothing but rain; then, just as the bathing suits hit the shelves... WHAM! ice storm.

I saw the first bathing suits at Walmart yesterday. I think I better pick up some milk.

Monday, February 9, 2009

homeschool funny

This morning Bethany was sitting in the living room reading Homer... The Odyssey.

Mom was on the couch with the portable DVD player and the headphones watching... Friends.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot off the press... I mean GRILL:)

1. Do you and your spouse still celebrate Valentine's Day?
holiday's are stinky and NEVER meet my expectations. poor hubby has no chance. valentine's is the worst.
2. When's the last time you licked a stamp? why would you lick a perfectly good stamp??:)
3. How many clocks are in your home? that would require me to get up...
4. What holiday is closest to your birthday? usually Easter, but it moves around every year. Have actually had it ON my birthday a couple of times.
5. Do you cook anything the same way your mother made it when you were growing up?
crock pot roast, cream steaks, eggs... that's pretty much it. Oooo. and pie.
6. Do you pay bills online? you are supposed to PAY those???
7. Will you be gathering to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? yup... but I have NO IDEA who is playing. I am going for the hot tub and the food. and the company, of course.
8. Have you treated yourself to something this week? do two fillings count?

Thank you Uncle Sam

After several hours this morning chained to my desk and computer I have finished my taxes, among other things. After printing off my bank statement for January, I have decided that I have made entirely too many trips to sonic. rats. Time to kick start the real resolution... getting out of this hole. Working on the budget for February, I have further decided that we need to make some changes around here for the coming year. No dish network... no internet? hmmm. do we really NEED to have a phone?? How bout that life insurance?

Moving on... It's cold down here. That white stuff has actually hung around a couple of days. Not on the road, mind you. Just on the top step of the deck so that the dogs don't want to risk going out into the yard. I am having the worst trouble potty training the baby this time. I have never had this much trouble. The frustrating part is that I know that is due to my own lack of diligence. crap. literally.

And... I've been messing around on this facebook thingy and have discovered a very nasty side to it. What if you don't WANT to be friends with someone? What if they are (gasp:) related to you? What if my playful banter is nunya? As in nunya business. Not anything bad, mind you. I am really not so stupid as to write something and post it on the internet that would come back to bite me. I mean, not REALLY... But, I have this thing that I do. It is a balancing act... kinda like the guy at the circus with all the plates spinning on big sticks. I have my "family world", where I have my place. my persona. my don't-be-mad-at-me-and-I-won't-be-mad-at-you. Then there is my "friend world". That is where I get to be me. I don't have to worry about whether I am accepted or whether I am ticking off someone who has the incredible ability to know just where to stick it to me. There is exactly ONE person who gets to be in both, with the exception of the ones who live with me. She knows who she is. (hi, Diane:)

I get that this is not a perfect solution, and quite possibly the source of the aforementioned ulcer, however it is the way that it is. I really didn't choose it, it just evolved and I am powerless to change it. It is how I keep peace. It is how I stay sane. It is how I get to keep the people in both worlds. I am not prepared to pick sides at this late stage in the game. It doesn't mean the people in one world are more or less important to me than the ones in the other. It just is.

So no, my sweet baby brother. I love you. I am here for you. But you cannot be my "friend"...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If only I had known

Brian is not healing like the ortho doctor thinks he should. He may have to have surgery. cha-ching. Needless to say, we are using that bone growth stimulator like crazy trying to make that darn bone grow.

It does this really cool thing. He has to tape the silly thing to his collar bone because the strap that it has on it is poorly designed to work on the collar bone... broken arm, fine. broken leg, fine... broken collar bone, not so much. Momma likes to use alot of tape, but Brian is pretty picky about the sticky. teehee. Oh looky Brian, I don't know how that tape ended up over your mouth:) Anyhow... once we have it properly placed he pushes the button on the timer thingy and he has sit in such a way as needed to have the probe make contact. It takes twenty minutes. If he moves wrong, it yells at him. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. He then quickly adjusts his behavior in such a way as to please the beeper. Wow. I really could have used one of those a few years ago.

"Brian, don't throw those clothes on the floor... BEEP."

"Brian, pick up those dishes off of the table... BEEP."

"Brian, don't talk to your sister that way... BEEP."

"Brian, do your homework... BEEP."

Thinking about selling this ultrasound machine when we are done with it. Any takers?


So we had a little rain. a little ice. a little smattering of snowy stuff. So what.

Today I had an appointment with my doctor to discuss my health issues and some new symptoms that I have begun to have. I HATE going to the doctor, so the fact that I had actually made the appointment meant it was to THAT point. apparently not. I arrived at the doctors office to find the parking lot surprisingly empty. hmmm. pulled up to the door to find a cheerful little sign announcing, "we're closed:)" You don't say. I could have sworn that I made an appointment. My calendar says that you made the appointment for me, so what's up with the sign? I came home just sure that this little mix-up was due to the fact that I had arrive a little early.. Maybe you close the office during the lunch hour so that your staff can all run home at the same time to have lunch with their families, hence the empty parking lot. I came home and called the office, just to check. Nope. Answering machine says you are closed due to "inclement weather". YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!

Now, I realize that we have closed the schools today in Tipton county because, God forbid, that a child should be hurt trying to get to school. But, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! My dad lives in Wisconsin and has gotten about 65 feet of snow this year, starting around the fourth of July. It's a wonder that anyone up there is still alive.

But, we are adults and I find it reprehensible that a DOCTOR's office is closed when my driveway has nothing but puddles on it and I don't even OWN a show shovel. My appointment was at 1:15 pm. It must be 45 degrees out there, people. Now I realize that I have been homeschooling for a number of years and that, as such, I may have access to information that maybe the general public has forgotten... but, I am pretty sure that the freezing temperature of water is 32 degrees. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

Add to that idiocy the fact that this doctor's office that was so concerned about my welfare that it didn't want me to risk my life to come in for a visit, neglected to call and let me know about this arrangement. Of course, it never occurred to me that if the parking lot at Walmart was packed that it would be too dangerous to drive to my own doctor's office so off I went. Stupid me.

Interestingly enough, my husband who is a service advisor for Mercedes Benz, dragged his little hiney out of bed and off to work an hour early this morning to give himself plenty of time to make the fifty mile drive downtown because he had appointments on the schedule today. Some rich woman in Memphis is getting an oil change today because my husband didn't use a little dusting of snow as an excuse to not go to work... but I have an ulcer that can wait.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Grilling Goodnesses

1. Have you ever ridden a horse? many years ago, when the horses were much closer to the ground.
2. Have you ever run out of gas? picture this... teenager. runs out of gas on two lane (busy) road. realizes something is terribly wrong yet inexperienced enough to not have a clue and with just enough warning to attempt turning around. station wagon ends up perpendicular to the road, across BOTH directions. little sister in the front seat. nuff said.
3. How many different schools did you attend growing up? 7
4. Do you have, and use, a library card? used to have and use. now I live in podunk town and have to pay $50 for the privilege. never mind.
5. Hand-wash or dishwasher? teenagers
6. Does your alarm clock beep or play music? beeps
7. Do you know how to roller skate? I know HOW. I also know HOW to make candy canes and pianos, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna.
8. What would you consider one of your biggest accomplishments? My kids... hands down.

life's questions

How does the mouse "know" when I am zooming in on the icon that I need and then pick that very moment to poop out?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Circle of love

Monday night was our yearly visit to the local skating establishment. I guess it's not local, so much as it is a 45 minute drive from my house, but whatever. Anyway... for the past several years, First Baptist of Millington has made whatever arrangements are necessary for private access to this house of childhood glee and adult torture.

Everyone straps on the most hideous rental skates; me, while trying not to think of all of the feet that have been here before me. Of course there are always the "athletic" type who bring their own skates but I don't remember the last pair of skates I owned, thank you very much. I was probably twelve. The only reason that I put on these contraptions of death was because I distinctly remember the hum of the wheels under my feet. The feel of the wind in my hair. The exhilaration of turning a perfect corner... foot crossed over other foot. Shoot, I even remember what it feels like to spin all eight wheels in coordination until I was turning circles around my friends. I wasn't into sports as a kid. Was terrified of water skiing. Did most of the snow skiing on my face... but, I could skate. It was the perfect mix of terror and success for me. Not so much anymore:( I think that I went around the rink once.

Those wheels move much faster than they used to. And the ground is so much farther away. And the kids. Don't get me started on how FAST they fly by. My joints are so bad at this point in the game that seeing as how I have to tense EVERY muscle in my body just to stay upright that every little jerk feels like I'm in a car wreck. One time around. Off came the skates. I think that I will just watch from here on the side. where it's safe. and loud.

But, even from the side it was so cool to watch the kids with looks of pure joy on their faces. The little kids clinging to the side wall to try to catch the older ones. The middle size kids lending a hand to the smaller ones because in THIS rink they are brilliant. The teenagers laying aside their "coolness" for a moment to speed as fast as their bodies can with no one telling them to slow down. But the coolest thing for me was to watch the grown ups. For a short while, the DJ shooed the younger ones off of the rink to let the adults have free reign. For just a moment, they were kids again. The real kids lined up on the outside of the wall to watch their parents fly around the hard wood circle. What they saw was the years peal off of these givers of life. These protectors and disciplinarians and lovers of their offspring. They peeked in and saw their parents PLAY. As they played they began to pair off as if love itself drew them to each other. It was like a window into their past when they flirted and teased and held hands.

There, in the darkness of the side lines, with the music so loud that I couldn't hear myself think and the swirling black lights and the twirling disco ball I saw the circle of love. Moms and dads laughing with their children and with each other. The joy of spending time.

Thanks for the glimpse.

Friday, January 16, 2009

hot off the grill...

1. Do you like scary movies? not so much; definitely not if they are demonic in nature... really not into messing with that.
2. What kind of cell phone do you have? blackberry pearl that I just HAD to have, in spite of the "extra" cell package that I supposedly had to purchase with it... so not worth it, but now I have a contract so what's a girl to do?
3. Do you have a passport? a what port?
4. Has anything sad happened in your life this week? yup.
5. Have you ever broken any bones? no, but I am looking forward to stimulating my bone growth if ever I do.
6. Did you do anything this week that you don't normally do? I drove my kid to college because he was too drugged to drive himself.
7. What's the worst thing you ever had in your wardrobe? lime green gauchos with a matching vest. gotta love those thrift stores. I'm just saying.
8. Did you have braces on your teeth? nope. left 'em crooked.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Easy come. Easy go.

As I was figuring my taxes this morning, I was delighted to find that we had been giving Uncle Sam money hand over fist this year. As my sister will attest to, I generally abhor this behavior. As a bookkeeper, I feel it my patriotic duty to keep my "return" down to a minimum. This is not a savings plan, people. If you truly feel the need to have $50 too much taken out of your paycheck per week, then put it in an interest bearing savings account so that it is at least accessible during the year in case your roof comes off or something. But since 2007, when I had to PAY a considerable amount due to a miscalculation of my own personal highway robbery, I have been overly generous. That year happened to coincide with my "audit". yeah me. I had somehow missed a 1099 about five years before and we all know what the IRS does about penalties and interest and such. Needless to say, making payments to the IRS is not very high on my list of fun stuff to do before I die. Now, as I have stated, I have recently discovered that I need to file an amended return for last year. Hopefully I will have enough "returned" to me this year to correct that little blunder. Boy howdy, do I sound stupid. I have been filing our taxes for 24 years and have never had a problem until recently. Turns out that a foreclosure kinda complicates things. who knew?

Anyhow... just when I was feeling a little cocky about this year's return and planning a new fence and some landscaping doo dads. WHAM. Call from Smith and Nephew. Turns out that Blue Cross of TN has approved the doctor's prescription for the bone growth stimulator machine thingy. great. Turns out that by approve they mean, "sure you can have it, but you will be paying to first several thousand dollars in deductibles blah blah blah". Sure, I'll just write you a check. whatever.

Drove an hour away to the doctor's office to meet the lady from Smith and Nephew and take possession of this little miracle machine. Received directions for application, news about deductible, promises of magical growth progress. I really think that she should have at least taken me to dinner first, dontcha think?

Funny thing is that in all of this tax calculationing I have been reminded that we are paying nearly $10,000 per year for this "health insurance". Yeah, I said it... $9,613.24 last year to be exact. And the deductible and copays and uninsurables keep increasing... along with the price. There has got to be a better way.

In the mean time, I have purchased a bone growth stimulator that I will likely NEVER have use for again. At least, I HOPE not. And if I do, I am sure by then that this little box of ultrasound magic will be obsolete and I will be forced to buy something even more cool and expensive and ultimately useless.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Grilling goodnesses

1. What's your 'dream machine' - as in vehicle? Do you think you'll ever own it? right now I'm dreaming of an M class... as in Mercedes. Hubby works there so we would get a discount if ever I had the money. If this new job lead works out it's a distinct possibility within the next two years. Keep praying people.

2. Can you water ski? Yup. Learned behind my dad's boat as a kid. Was TERRIFIED every. single. time. After rupturing my eardrum last time we went tubing behind said boat I have NO desire to repeat that activity. Have I mentioned that I'm not so athletic???

3. What kind of milk to you prefer? We use 2% for drinking and cereal and stuff, but I have been keeping a little stash of whole on hand for cooking. Makes a big difference.

4. Have any of your pet peeves 'gotten your goat' this week? Like people bad mouthing me behind my back? possibly.

5. How do you prepare your taxes? HR Block, Turbo Tax, by hand - or does someone else do it for you? Past few years I have used Turbo Tax. I have a degree in bookkeeping and have found this to be quite sufficient, even when things got a little complicated. This year I need to branch out because I need to file an amended return on last year. Found a form I didn't know I had until too late. It's been in a box under my bed and I need to correct it before uncle sam finds out. yikes! In any case, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do that with Turbo Tax so I think I need to look for a little help this year.

6. Did you start a workout program this New Year? I have been walking... back and forth to the bag of stocking candy. Marshmallow santas are almost gone:)

7. Do you have a certain meal that you cook each and every week? that would probably be tacos or some variation of such. My family pretty much revolts if there is not some form of mexican around here every week.

8. When do you normally write your blog posts? whenever I want... did I mention that I no longer have a job?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting to the point...

is not generally my strong suit. I usually like to string along my story, sharing all the gory details, but at the risk of boring my considerable readership to death; here goes.

Last summer I spent several months in panic mode with bill collectors and gas prices etc. looking feverishly for actual employment (not to be confused with the little "pin money" I was making babysitting at home). After considerable stress, I was reminded that providing for my family was not my responsibility and therefore I was put on notice about my worrying. Turned down a couple of offers after that, including a request to return to my previously loved job. Fast forward a couple of months and low-and-behold the perfect job that I had hunted for all summer was basically handed to me on a silver platter. Was pretty sure that God was now letting me enjoy a new opportunity without the pressure of the responsibility for provision.

Much praying... weeks of hoping... waiting on right timing... excitement... planning... counting chickens... until SLAM. door shut.

Add to that, my job hunting last summer led to "my" kids being put on a waiting list for preschool (unbeknownst to me). So, opening for them for next Monday was taken. Now I am no longer babysitting AND I have no job.

Can you be BEHIND square one?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grilling goodness

1. If you could have done something different in 2008, what would it be?
I would not have let my son go to Colorado on the college ski trip.
2. What is something that you know will happen in 2009?
I know that the bill collectors will STILL be calling.
3. What is something that you hope will happen in 2009?
I hope that my new job will start. God told me to wait, and I am attempting to do that patiently; however, I am beginning to see the light at the end. woohoo!
4. Do you already have a vacation planned for this year?
hoping to make a little trip to Bay Springs for some camping before we open the pool.
5. Are you relieved that the holidays are over?
immensely, although my kitchen looks naked now.
6. Did you make a resolution? Will you share it?
REALLY want to lose some weight. whatever.
7. How old will you turn in 2009? 42.
8. What did you do to celebrate the New Year? watched the fireworks from the hot tub at my sister's new house.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Post ski trip

Okay, so maybe I need to get to the grocery store. Lunch today consisted of taco chips liberally sprinkled with cheddar... 30 seconds in the micro; chocolate covered marshmallow Santa with a Dr. Pepper chaser. Let the migraine commence.

I spent the better part of the morning on hold with the orthopedic surgeon's office trying to convince them that we should go ahead and get Brian in today instead of waiting til Monday. I mean I would have been convincing them if ever they had answered the danged phone. (spell check took "danged"... too funny:)

We are down to the last vicodin. I have scoured the medicine cabinet for stray narcotics to get us thru the weekend, since the doctor's office is apparently closed. Found a handful of mepergans left over from when he got his wisdom teeth out 3 years ago and an ocicodone left over from when his dad ruptured the disc in his back in 1998. Talked to my sister in law who is sending over the time released morphine... bless her heart.
In the meantime we are trying to keep the kid as comfortable as possible and seeing as how his collar bone is broken in two places and has yet to be "set", that is somewhat of a challenge. How bout them purple polka dots... borrowed the sheet from his sister. And, of course, Truly is at his feet to offer her support.
Stay safe y'all, and don't let your kids OUT OF YOUR SITE. Just kidding. sorta:)