Thursday, December 11, 2008

So much to tell... so little time.

I have been so busy around here with the holidays that I haven't had time to blog so much. Sorry about that. I figured that I better check in on my bloggy friends this morning and I don't dare leave comments without having some stuff for them to check out on mine, so here goes.

Had I had the time I might have told you about the fella that was making change out of the offering basket that I was passing in the choir. That was a first, I have to say. If ever you have the urge to "break" a twenty in the offering plate... don't. It doesn't look nice. I am assuming since he was not struck by lightning, that he didn't take more than he left. I'm just saying...

Or I could tell you about my husband coming home from the mall with one very shiny index finger. He was off by himself, ostensibly to do a little Christmas shopping, when he was attacked by a little woman with a heavy foreign accent at a kiosk in the mall offering to show him the wonders of some stuff from the dead sea that she was certain that his wife would LOVE to find under the tree. He didn't know how to escape this little woman and presto chango - she had put some magic stuff on his index fingernail that left it decidedly shiny. I guess I should point out here that hubby is not the get-a-manicure kinda guy. More of a macho-dude, this man of mine. To say that he was not happy is somewhat of an understatement. By the way, I am pretty sure that he didn't buy the magic dead sea manicure stuff... it wasn't on the list I gave him and he has strict instruction NOT to use his own ideas.

Speaking of finernails, I should also mention here that apparently the toenail of your pinky toe is vital to a sound mind. I lost mine in a battle with an inappropriately placed box in the kitchen. It hurts like crazy.

And did you know that the phrase "freaking me out" was actually used in 1963. I was watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special with Bethany and CB's little sister Sally actually said, "blah blah blah is FREAKING ME OUT". who knew.

I also discovered this past week that my own daughter has never seen The Wizard of Oz. How can that be? Every kid has to have the b-jeepers scared out of them by this movie at least once in their lives. I remember hiding in the kitchen from the monkeys EVERY YEAR. Of course we didn't have cable back in the day so there weren't alot of options, but whatever.

Okay... that's it for now. Time to balance the checkbook and assess the damage that my weekend Christmas shopping has done to the budget. good grief.


Jenny said...

Was Sally's comment on the actual "Charlie Brown Christmas," or on "Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales" that came on right after? That second one was created in 2002.

I am such a sap. I always tear up at Linus' quotation from Luke!

Making change from the offering plate - CRAZY!!!! HAHAH!!!!!

Chris said...

nope... it was the 1963 version. couldn't believe it myself.

Smiling Shelly said...

No way...he was really getting change?? He must have stopped at the ATM on the way to church and didn't have time to run in to a gas station and break it. LOL!

Best of luck with that balancing of the budget thing.

Joanna said...

Did you know they will buff and shine a lot of people's finger - and they don't sanitize those suckers either.

All together now - eeewwww!