Friday, December 12, 2008

Grilling goodness

1. How many Christmas parties have you attended or will you attend? last weekend was the Sunday school shindig and the home school progressive dinner. this week was the company party at the orpheum... the "pajama game", thank you very much. still have family gatherings and the choir fellowship after the Christmas program to go.
2. What is your favorite dish to take to a party? that would be my much anticipated cheese ball, and no, Jenny, I will not post the recipe. every year I fight off the would-be copycats who want to boag my recipe, which technically I got from a friend, but having given this one out before and then had it served at every function in my place forevermore makes me a little punchy. note to self: it is in poor taste to make a person's signature cheese ball from heaven WHEN THEY ARE MAKING IT. I would never make this yumminess and take it to the house of the friend from which I procured this delight. I'm just saying...
3. When you're at home and your feet are chilled, do you wear socks or houseshoes? usually socks, although I have been know to supplement with a heating pad and the other night I came out of my room with a really furry hat that I intended to put my VERY cold feet into, but my daughter put the nix on that... it was her hat.
4. What are your plans for this weekend? raking leaves that my son was supposed finish by tonight... if you are reading this, Brian, I will be expecting back the $75 advance that I paid you for this job. If miraculously my son does make the leaves go away, I expect that I will be attending the birthday party of my great niece who turns one today.
5. What is the most expensive Christmas gift you are buying for your children this year? one semester of emt tuition for Brian and one semester of violin and piano lessons for Bethany.
6. Do you have a family portrait made each year? I wish I had done that. A friend mentioned that she buys a "Christmas" frame every year and puts her kids visit-with-Santa picture in it. I have never bought one of those frames because I just figured that it would look stupid having a Christmas ornamenty frame around the house in, like, July for instance. It never occurred to me to pack it up with the ornaments and use it for decoration. Rats. How cool would it be if I had a whole collection of Christmas pictures to put out by now. So... I started this year. Maybe I can have cool grandma pictures one day.
7. Do you drive your kids around looking for decorated homes? mostly we just look at the ones that we are already driving by, although we usually try to make sure that we make a trip down Rosemark Rd and the horse farm every year.
8. What is your least favorite thing about cold weather? I hate that the cold hurts my joints so much; I really love winter and want so much to enjoy it.


My Goodness said...

1. Pajama game? hmmm
2. Hahaha...I agree...don't take the dish to the place you got the recipe from...tacky. :)
3. Put your OWN hat on your feet, woman!! LOL
4. Uh oh...I detect a 'tone'
5. Practical gifts...woohoo!
6. Great idea for the Christmas pictures!!
7. Are the lights up on the farm this year?? I haven't seen them...are the being slackers?
8. :(

See you Sunday!!

Smiling Shelly said...

I wanna hear about this pajama game. No you didn't try to put her hat on your feet...did you?? Tell me it's not so. LOL!
Hey! For $75.00 I'll come make your leaves go away. :)