Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taco night

This past weekend was go-to-Sams-and-spend-your-life's-savings Day. New tires for the car... last oil change the people at Walmart made me sign off that my tires were a health hazard. oops. $400 yikes. and that was before the groceries and the kid retreat sent me to making a withdrawal from the 401K. Just kidding. I am excited because that account has finally broke $10K. woohoo! retirement in 40 or 50 years:) But only if the blessed winds of change don't bleed me dry.

Good news is that we should be able to live off of this pantry shelf until after the new year begins. Of course I won't be going out to eat again until then, but whatever. Thanksgiving is pretty much ready to go... except the Turkey and other perishables. But we have chicken broth out the wazoo:) bring on the holidays. I am SO itching to get out the Christmas decor, but I WILL wait.

Close family member is getting to go to NYC for Thanksgiving. She will be standing out in front of FAO Swartz watching the Macy's day parade and I will be sitting at my table disappointing the woman who gave life to me. stink. I was thinking that if I fast for these last couple of days before she leaves that I could squeeze into her suitcase. She would be SO surprised. Gonna have to shop for a pair of depends... it's a long drive.

Speaking of fasting... those tacos smell yummy; think I'll go see what Little Debbie made for dessert.


rthling said...

I told you that you could just ride in the cute little trailer with a window!

My Goodness said...

Ok, here's the deal...when/if we ever get to buy a new house, I am buying a pantry...because there is NO WAY that I have room for enough food to last until the new year.

Yes, buying a pantry and a closet for Ella. Well...for her clothes, not her. :)

Joanna said...

I'm forbidden to listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving.

It's snowing right now. I snuck in a Charlie Brown's Christmas and bribed the kids not to rat me out.