Saturday, October 18, 2008

totally off the subject...

Didn't want to add onto the last post as it was getting too long...

Dogs have been CRAZY today. We found some new chewie things at walmart that are pig skin rolls. ewww. I know. They have each been on a mission to take more than their share, hiding a spare one that they have filched from someone who was momentarily (or purposefully) distracted. It's HYSTERICAL. They are toting them around like they each have a cigar. Not very ladylike, if you ask me. There has been a little hum-de-dum and a little snarl here and there. Funny thing is that I can't keep the name straight. They are oinkies... I keep wanting to call them quickies.

NOT the same thing.


rthling said...

Oikies, quickies, they sound as dirty as when I called yesterday and you were pulling the pork.
As in BBQ, people!

Chris said...

sorry. I mispelled oinkies which in turn led you to mispell oinkies... doesn't sound any better, does it?

rthling said...

That's funny, I spelled it oinkies first, but I went back and corrected it, cuz I thought I was wrong.
Oh well!
And no, it still sounds dirty.

My Goodness said...

I'm not sure I can be friends with you anymore...I had no idea you were so dirty.


Yea right! :)