Friday, October 17, 2008

tina's grilling goodness

1. What is your least favorite aspect of Election Year?
Not having a candidate that I can really get behind... mostly, this year is about voting against more than for:(
2. What is something your spouse could do to make you feel special?
Take me for a late night drive, find an out of the way stop sign...
3. Do you complain at restaurants or do you just tip less? tipping less is for poor service and things that are actually in the power of the server to correct; otherwise I just pout and don't come back.
4. If you had it to do over again, would you choose the same wedding date you had?
no, no, no... wedding date was in December. Can you say, "who can afford an anniversary gift?"
5. What kind of car do you drive? Chevy malibu; miss my van. don't miss filling the tank.
6. If you have siblings, are you close to them? sister is BFF; half sisters wouldn't know me if they saw me on the street; step sisters have moved on with their lives; half brother is around here somewhere (cooking for him today:); not sure where step brother is off to... maybe I should look him up on facebook.
7. Do you spend the same amount of money on each child at Christmas or just buy a certain number of gifts? both; bad childhood experience...
8. What phrase do you find yourself saying all the time? TURN OFF SOME OF THESE LIGHTS! Did you SEE the electric bill this month??????


rthling said...

Don't forget about the step brother we didn't even know about for a while!

My Goodness said...

2. aw...very sweet...but I'm glad you STOPPED at the stop sign!
3. Right on
4. boo, I see your point
6. hee hee, facebook...

Thanks for playing!