Friday, October 3, 2008

busy days

psst... this post spent a couple of days in the draft folder. sorry:(

Today has been a busy day of making up for yesterday...

Ahh, yesterday... an entire day spent on the couch with a migraine and the heaves. You know, the dry kind because you have already used up all that you had to offer. Bethany and I were commiserating in the living room together because for some reason this virus from hades only affects girls. what is UP with that??

Since we were both able to lift our heads off of the pillows this morning without it requiring putting said head somewhere that it should never be; we decided we had MUCH to live for. Like schoolwork. and housework. and bathing dogs. and decorating for fall.

side note: why is it that a throwing up virus always hits you when the toilet is MOST in need of cleaning??

Apparently the dogs have picked up their own version of a virus; in the form of fleas. Yikes. I don't mind them on the dogs so much, but when they head over to MY neck and make me want to scratch its time to do something. Sis told me to bathe them in Dawn dishwashing liquid. Now this is not for the fainthearted. Don't forget I have three of these little boogers... not fleas. dogs.

After an hour and a half of "fun", we had them all bathed and in their clean, flea free kennels. In typical Zoe fashion she managed to flip hers off of the picnic table and onto the ground. Whenever bad stuff happens... it ALWAYS happens to Zoe. She is the clutz of the group. If Zoe is sitting next to me on the couch and I throw a ball into the kitchen for Truly it will most likely bounce off of the cabinet, hit the fridge, rebound on the back door and hit her in the back of the head. Never fails. If something is falling; its gonna hit Zoe. If something is going to break; its gonna break when Zoe jumps on it. If something spills; most likely she is standing right in its path. She doesn't even bother to move anymore because there really is no point. So when I walked out the back door and saw the crate flip off of the table, hit the seat, and land upside down on the patio I knew it was hers.

After all that work I was sure that I deserved to get a good picture, but they were not being very cooperative... at least not all at the same time. So that's the best for today. Look quick, cause they won't be that clean for long. And the decorations that I wasn't gonna do till the fifteenth... I have just one thing to say.

Shut up:)


rthling said...

They look so pretty!
I wish I had fall decorations, but which house would I decorate?
And I'm really glad that you didn't share the flu thing-y. I don't like throwing up, and my toilet needs cleaning.

My Goodness said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry that you and B had the fun!! (but your comment about the toilet, that was funny!)

I love your fall decor! I REALLY want to get some fall garland for myself...and I's 50% off this week...we'll see!

Hope the fleas are gone gone the grease Dawn takes away!!

Smiling Shelly said...

Your pups are soooooo cute!! Yorkies hold a special place in my heart.

Oh yuck! There is a nasty stomach virus going around right now. Sorry to hear you guys had it, but glad you’re doing better now.

LOL! On the Toilet side note. So that leads me to wonder, if you keep your toilet sparkling clean at all times, will you never get a stomach virus?? Hmmm??

I have read that dawn kills fleas and ticks. I know their commercial claims that they wash rescued wild life with it…..does this really work for fleas too??