Tuesday, October 21, 2008

another tuesday come and gone

two dirty diapers... check
snotty noses; sure to mean a sick weekend for me... check
homework finished... check
kids all home to their mommas... whew!

I am SO tired and its only Tuesday. Good news is that tomorrow is MY day of rest. No kids and Bethany gone to class. Look like its shaping up to be a great day to stroll thru Target. woohoo!

Surprisingly enough, it is 4:50 in the afternoon and I have no idea what's for supper. So much for my reputation as the queen of planning. Sometimes I just want to say that just because I have breasts doesn't ACTUALLY mean that I should know what to eat every night. But then I remember that someone else is bringing home the bacon; the least I can do is fry it up in the pan. And since I am CERTAIN that having breasts means that I don't have to take the trash to the curb... whatever.

Looks like a spaghetti night. yuck.


rthling said...

Whew, I thought for a moment there with all that boob talk that you were going to start talking about penises next.
Glad to see I was wrong...

Joanna said...

Did I miss something? You're now running a day care?

When my guys all start asking what's for dinner I ask why are you cooking? Some days I say slop on a plate cuz someone is going to complain. Sounds like you got the casserole blues!

Chris said...

Yup... I have a couple of little guys that I keep a couple of days a week and a nephew that keeps showing up here after school looking for food:)