Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh how the years do fly...

Brian - sometime around 1990ish

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

another tuesday come and gone

two dirty diapers... check
snotty noses; sure to mean a sick weekend for me... check
homework finished... check
kids all home to their mommas... whew!

I am SO tired and its only Tuesday. Good news is that tomorrow is MY day of rest. No kids and Bethany gone to class. Look like its shaping up to be a great day to stroll thru Target. woohoo!

Surprisingly enough, it is 4:50 in the afternoon and I have no idea what's for supper. So much for my reputation as the queen of planning. Sometimes I just want to say that just because I have breasts doesn't ACTUALLY mean that I should know what to eat every night. But then I remember that someone else is bringing home the bacon; the least I can do is fry it up in the pan. And since I am CERTAIN that having breasts means that I don't have to take the trash to the curb... whatever.

Looks like a spaghetti night. yuck.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

totally off the subject...

Didn't want to add onto the last post as it was getting too long...

Dogs have been CRAZY today. We found some new chewie things at walmart that are pig skin rolls. ewww. I know. They have each been on a mission to take more than their share, hiding a spare one that they have filched from someone who was momentarily (or purposefully) distracted. It's HYSTERICAL. They are toting them around like they each have a cigar. Not very ladylike, if you ask me. There has been a little hum-de-dum and a little snarl here and there. Funny thing is that I can't keep the name straight. They are oinkies... I keep wanting to call them quickies.

NOT the same thing.

Moving Days

So, it's been a busy couple of weeks. I have been "moving". No; not to an new house. Just stuff around here. I have a problem. I tell myself that I just need to move stuff ONE more time and then I'll quit. I tell myself (and others) that I can quit any time I want to... whatever.

My house in Cordova had five bedrooms and three bathrooms... talk about moving. I think that Bethany actually lived in three of those bedrooms in the six years that we lived there. You think that I am kidding; my sister will testify that I am not. Oh, and she didn't just live in them. They were EACH appropriately painted and decorated for her ages at the time. First room upstairs was not so fancy. I mean that the house was brand spanking new, so there just wasn't much that needed to be done. When I moved her downstairs I painted the room PINK (we are talking pepto bismol here); put in a new set of white bunk beds; painted her dressers white with little do dads to match; and hung a hammock chair from the ceiling (courtesy of her cool aunt Diane). Did all this while she was gone to camp one year. Bethany isn't one to show a whole lot of emotion at gifts (understatement of the year). When she came home we, of course, had the video camera rolling and everything. She walks in and says, "cool, my beds came in". Did I mention that the walls were nauseatingly pink? Did she notice?? no; time to put away the camera. Have you ever seen Trading Spaces? Her reaction was the polar opposite of EVERY single person ever in the history of the show! Not ONE single OMG. I would like to apologize in advance to her future husband; and wish him luck:) I would love to be a fly on the wall when he proposes. I tell you now; there will be NO tears or exclamations of joy... probably something like, "cool, my ring came in."

She also lived in the room over the garage for a time and then back to the original room she was in when we first moved into that house. Sounds crazy now; but it made sense when we were doing it.

Fast forward to this ole house... When we moved in here, this was my mother's house. It has taken me several months to acclimate myself and make it my own. Nothing is as it was. In fact this past couple of weeks I have flipped pretty much every room into reverse of it original intention, which is why I needed my brother to come and install some new cable outlets and move my computer modem. But, I am done for now. Which, of course means that I am done with everything that I can do for free. I have GREAT ideas that cost alot of money, but whatever.

My sister, whose couch has not moved ONE inch since I told her where to put it does not understand my compulsion. I say it's kinda like someone who shops to make themselves feel good. Everyone likes the feeling of something new. Some of us are just too cheap to go to the mall.

I have to say, though that what I have learned from this move is that hard wood floors are not our friends. I consider myself to be a pretty thorough keeper of my home. I mean, it's not as perfect as I would like and I have had to concede some things in order to have the help that I need. (like not being able to find a can opener, or just about any thing else:) But... I pulled out that dresser that had been up against the wall in my bedroom and found the scariest dust "bunny" that I have EVER seen. I mean, I don't think that you can call that a bunny. Sounds way too harmless. Honestly, I thought for a moment that we had mistakenly added another yorkie to the bunch. I think that we should name him Harry. Diane said that I shoulda taken a picture of him, but the horror that I had missed that monstrosity of hair and dirt and dust was too great.

Hard wood floors... who knew?

Friday, October 17, 2008

tina's grilling goodness

1. What is your least favorite aspect of Election Year?
Not having a candidate that I can really get behind... mostly, this year is about voting against more than for:(
2. What is something your spouse could do to make you feel special?
Take me for a late night drive, find an out of the way stop sign...
3. Do you complain at restaurants or do you just tip less? tipping less is for poor service and things that are actually in the power of the server to correct; otherwise I just pout and don't come back.
4. If you had it to do over again, would you choose the same wedding date you had?
no, no, no... wedding date was in December. Can you say, "who can afford an anniversary gift?"
5. What kind of car do you drive? Chevy malibu; miss my van. don't miss filling the tank.
6. If you have siblings, are you close to them? sister is BFF; half sisters wouldn't know me if they saw me on the street; step sisters have moved on with their lives; half brother is around here somewhere (cooking for him today:); not sure where step brother is off to... maybe I should look him up on facebook.
7. Do you spend the same amount of money on each child at Christmas or just buy a certain number of gifts? both; bad childhood experience...
8. What phrase do you find yourself saying all the time? TURN OFF SOME OF THESE LIGHTS! Did you SEE the electric bill this month??????

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tina's grilling goodness

1. What can cheer you up when you're feeling grumpy?
grumpy?? who, me? what are you trying to say here?

2. Give one feature that could make or break the deal if you were shopping for a new home.
galley kitchen; fell for it once, NEVER again.

3. What's the craziest thing you've ever let your children eat for breakfast?
Bethany had lazagna with her dad last saturday.

4. If you are a 'watch what you eat' kind of person, share a meal or dish that makes it easier to diet. Spaghetti; mostly cause I don't really like it.

5. Is there something you used to do as a child that you would never let your children do now?
When Diane and I used to travel with our dad we would lay with our heads down on the floor board of the front seat of the car (you know, right under the engine:) and our legs in the seat. We would sleep like that for hours. WHAT WAS HE THINKING???

6. If you have a daughter, are her ears pierced? When did you allow it? Yes; she was five.

7. Are you the only person in your house who changes the TP roll?? nope, mostly David does that.

8. How old were you when you no longer lived with a parent(s) for the first time? married at 19. WHAT WERE MY PARENTS THINKING?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Okay... that's just NOT funny.

I was kidding about the offers starting to pour in now. Turns out that the enemy wasn't.

You know the moment when the peace comes. You take a deep breath, and although the problems haven't really resolved; you just know that you have taken the first step in the right direction... maybe in a very long time. Then the devil comes and JERKS the rug out from under you. Well, mine came in the form of an email from the very nice Dr. Soandso who was requesting my presence for a sit down interview for my full time, full charge bookkeeping position using none other than the programs that I cut my teeth on. Okay God, test number 1... I wrote him a very sweet thanks, but no thanks email. and. sent. it. YIKES! Are you sure about this God??? Do you know what he did? he emailed back to thank me for my reply and wish me luck with the "new" position that I told him that I had accepted. It's not so much a "new" position as much as it is an accepting of the "old" position, but whatever...

Spent all afternoon yesterday scouring the paper for sale items to live off of for the week. This week our menu will consist of every dish I can think of with split chicken breasts, some hot dog buns, yogurt, and a side dish of crest.

Think of it as an adventure.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lessons from Saul, the stupid

Side note: I noticed in the previous post that although my fall decorated fire place is gorgeous to me, others may be confused by the hideous greenness of the bricks and walls. While I agree that this color WOULD be "hideous" in the living room; this particular fire place is in my kitchen, where the color is cheery and inviting. Not to mention that this tiny little section of the kitchen on the background of this dreary bloggy wallpaper (my address IS eeyorescorner, after all) just doesn't due it justice. Suffice it to say that it looks very impressive and I look forward to having friends and family over for Thanksgiving... in six weeks. haha:)

side note, part two... speaking of my address, a friend so kindly pointed out that it looked like I was a scorner of eeyore; now the address is bugging me. thanks, jeff.

excuse me, I just needed to turn the burning taco meat on the stove...

On a more serious note, I have made the decision to suspend the relentless search for employment for the time being. I figure that I will get several lucrative offers any time now.
A very wise woman I know once said that just because we know what to do, doesn't always mean that we are doing it. I KNOW that I shouldn't eat 2 servings of apple pie after a carbohydrate infested meal of homemade chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes. I KNOW that it will make me feel nauseous. I KNOW that it is sinful to eat more than my body needs. I KNOW that the Bible calls this gluttony... but it is yummy, so I do it anyway. All the while, feeling the satisfaction of knowing that I am a stickler of obeying the speed limit. I am a "good girl". I follow the rules. I ALWAYS do the right thing. yeah right
Excuse me while I exercise my I John 1:9 privileges...
Okay... what was I saying. Oh yeah, just because we know to do right doesn't always mean we are doing it. What does that have to do with my search for the perfect job?? I am glad you asked.
As I was sitting unsuspectingly in choir Sunday night, choir director (R) was giving a devotion about Moses. Surprisingly enough this led my brain to the sunday school lesson of that morning concerning Saul. (don't ask how my brain went from Moses to Saul; God ways are not our ways:) In any case, Samuel had asked Saul to go to a certain city and wait for seven days for him to come and offer sacrifices for the people before they were to go into battle. It seems that Samuel was taking liberties with the time frame or maybe someone stopped him on his way and offered him pie. Nevertheless he was (insert gasp) LATE. Saul got itchy feet because the people were losing interest and the enemy was looming scary, so he decided to get this show on the road. He called for the animals to be brought forth and he took care of business without the benefit of a priest. bad idea. It seems that Samuel showed up just as the roast was starting to smell good. He has a way of doing that. When Samuel asks the obvious, Saul begins to make excuses, even blaming Samuel for his tardiness. another bad idea. We all know the story; that in the end Saul loses his crown to David, but the point for me was this... what was Saul's sin? His logic was sound, he had the best interest of the people in mind and he was the king after all. His sin was simply this: he was not a priest. He stepped out of his role as the king and presumed another that was not his right. Everyone knows that only a priest had the authority to offer sacrifices on behalf of the people. He let fear and pride and his "i can fix that" attitude rule the day. God broke him for it. Wow. Okay, God I don't need a preacher to figure this one out.
So here's the deal. My husband, bless his hard workin' self, is my God-given provider. That is his role, not mine. (heard that recently from a friend, thanks L) He works hard and takes GOOD care of this family. So, the gas prices are sky freakin' high; so the groceries budget is in the toilet. So, the bill collectors are mounting and the bad decisions of a better time are looming their ugly heads. God says that he will never forsake us. I will trust in Him (and him:). I believe that my role is to facilitate my husband's role as provider. It is to provide a sweet haven for him to return to; a hot meal (most nights:); clean socks to wear to that blessed job he works so hard at; and a home that makes him proud to bring his parent to visit. I may not be able to find the perfect job; but THAT I can do.
I get that in this world of feminism, this school of thought is a step backward. But, I know that when I stay in MY role I have a peace that passes all understanding. Someday, my "seven days" may be over but for now... I'll just wait.

Friday, October 3, 2008

busy days

psst... this post spent a couple of days in the draft folder. sorry:(

Today has been a busy day of making up for yesterday...

Ahh, yesterday... an entire day spent on the couch with a migraine and the heaves. You know, the dry kind because you have already used up all that you had to offer. Bethany and I were commiserating in the living room together because for some reason this virus from hades only affects girls. what is UP with that??

Since we were both able to lift our heads off of the pillows this morning without it requiring putting said head somewhere that it should never be; we decided we had MUCH to live for. Like schoolwork. and housework. and bathing dogs. and decorating for fall.

side note: why is it that a throwing up virus always hits you when the toilet is MOST in need of cleaning??

Apparently the dogs have picked up their own version of a virus; in the form of fleas. Yikes. I don't mind them on the dogs so much, but when they head over to MY neck and make me want to scratch its time to do something. Sis told me to bathe them in Dawn dishwashing liquid. Now this is not for the fainthearted. Don't forget I have three of these little boogers... not fleas. dogs.

After an hour and a half of "fun", we had them all bathed and in their clean, flea free kennels. In typical Zoe fashion she managed to flip hers off of the picnic table and onto the ground. Whenever bad stuff happens... it ALWAYS happens to Zoe. She is the clutz of the group. If Zoe is sitting next to me on the couch and I throw a ball into the kitchen for Truly it will most likely bounce off of the cabinet, hit the fridge, rebound on the back door and hit her in the back of the head. Never fails. If something is falling; its gonna hit Zoe. If something is going to break; its gonna break when Zoe jumps on it. If something spills; most likely she is standing right in its path. She doesn't even bother to move anymore because there really is no point. So when I walked out the back door and saw the crate flip off of the table, hit the seat, and land upside down on the patio I knew it was hers.

After all that work I was sure that I deserved to get a good picture, but they were not being very cooperative... at least not all at the same time. So that's the best for today. Look quick, cause they won't be that clean for long. And the decorations that I wasn't gonna do till the fifteenth... I have just one thing to say.

Shut up:)