Monday, September 22, 2008

Near death experiences

Still waiting on the call that could change my life forever.... I'm feeling very dramatic about this one:)

The good news is that Brian got a call for an interview the same day that I had mine. We are waiting for a call about his job, too. I think that I am more excited about that. It would be a perfect job for him... mostly because there would be a paycheck. He really NEEDS a paycheck. I really NEED for him to have a paycheck. You get the picture.

Last night he took several years off of my life. I really did not appreciate that.

He has a friend who works as a music minister on the weekends (college student)... he went to church with him this week. When he didn't show up after church looking for food, I just assumed he went home with said friend. Fast forward to after evening services (to which he was not in attendance, either) when I went to friend's mother saying, "I assume Brian was at your house for lunch"... To which she replies, "no, D came home alone."

Oh great, now my imagination kicks in. I skipped the pizza I was gonna get on the way home in my haste to make sure that my kid had not ended up who knows where. You know there is a real fine line between letting a 19 year old have his own space and making sure that you know that they are safe.

I fly home, squeal into the carport, trip over myself getting in the door, and there he is... sitting on MY couch in MY house watching MY tv and eating pizza. He looks up at me with those baby blues and says, "I overslept". Who oversleeps during the day!!

crisis averted.


My Goodness said...

Waiting right along with you for news about those jobs...exciting! :)

Oh, that boy! And you didn't snatch that pizza and kick him out!?!? LOL

rthling said...

I'm glad he's okay. But after you strangled him, who did CPR?

Joanna said...

Please tell me you gave him a nice foot print on his head or his behind.