Thursday, September 11, 2008

End of summer

The pool is "closing" today. What I mean to say is that I am paying to have the pool closed today. The word "is" in that sentence implies that the pool closes itself. It doesn't. Note to self: Having a pool is an investment and you will never have another vacation in your life:)

I guess that the end of summer is official. We haven't been swimming for the last couple of weeks; not because it has been too cold outside, but because the water is FREEZING. Actually, I don't think that the water is all that cold. I mean the thermometer says that it is about the same temp as at the beginning of summer when we were saying things like, "oh... it's not THAT bad." But, after roasting our tootsies all summer I just don't feel compelled to get in there. Pool man says we need to have the cover on before the leaves start to fall. Makes sense to me. So, that's it; maybe the utility bill will come down. I'm just saying........

Another sign of the end of summer is that Christmas music that we are working on in choir. It is always a little funny to me to be singing "Carol of the Bells" in September but we have to start sometime. This is always the first step to the wash of memories that starts about this time of year and doesn't end until after Daniel's birthday. Something about singing about Mary and her precious baby boy starts the knot in my throat and flashes back to all of the pictures in my mind of the few short hours that we spent with him. The tears aren't far behind. There are those who have never endured the loss of a child who have trouble understanding why it still permeates my life nine years later. Like it or not, it is part of what makes me who I am. Rest assured that for the next couple of months he will be especially near the surface of my thoughts.

Hugs and kisses to you my sweet baby boy. Go give Miss Glory a hug. She's new there and you can show her around to all of your best places.


Anonymous said...

I read yesterday on someone else's blog that crying for people that you don't know that well is a reminder to pray for them. Rest assured that I am praying for you and Mrs. Glory's family.
(I still cannot look at the ultrasound pics of the baby I miscarried back in Jan. '05)

rthling said...

Hey, no fair!
On my dashboard where it shows the blogs I'm following, I can see the first few sentences of each blog. Yours ended with the sentence, "Note to self: Having a poo..."
I was laughing until I read your whole post. Then you made me cry. I call that false advertisement. I want my money back.

My Goodness said...

I'm with Diane...this post started off so light and turned into a tear-jerker...not what I expected.

I have never lost a child, but I would never fault you for the feelings and memories you have.

Mrs. Glory may be new to heaven, but I bet she would take joy in rocking your sweet baby. :)