Saturday, September 20, 2008

Decisions corner

This week has been a very busy month.

Worked three days with the two little boys. Kept the 7 yr old 5 days.

Painted some more on the kitchen.

Figured out where to put the Christmas tree.

Oh yeah... I had another job interview. YIKES! I pouted all the way there because this job is 25 miles from my home. Truthfully, if I had known that, it is unlikely that I would have given my resume to this friend. But, I made a commitment so of course I went. Didn't want to. Wanted to sleep in since I had had the boys for three days. I was beat. dog tired... and I know dogs.

but i went.

It really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. The people were nice. I think that they liked me. And they have dogs there... (chiuauas, but you can't have everything:)

Afterwards, I drove alllllllll theeeee wayyyyy homeeeeeee....... stopped at chick filet, of course because we don't have one out here in the boonies.

I sat down with my children and discussed the pros and cons to this position. Kids are rooting for me. Can you hear them????? gooooo mom! you're great! you can do this!!!!... I think that they see a very bare Christmas in their immediate future if they don't propel me out of the house. Trouble is, that they are not being realistic about what it will cost them.

No more clean laundry. No more clean toilets. No more yummy Mom food. No more staying up until all hours of the night watching reruns of "House". No more clean anything. No more groceries (they don't just walk here, people). No more made beds or cut grass or chats around the table while pretending that you don't need to be doing Algebra.

And the dogs... don't even get me started. They will die. They will either starve or they will explode from not being let out.

Not that I DO all of these things. It's just that I am the only one that sees that they need to BE done and is willing to take the various expressions of attitude displayed when these needs are vocalized.

I don't know why I am worrying. It is not like they made an offer yet. But, I need to have an answer if they do. The job that I wanted at the bank would have been an adjustment for our family, but this job would mean a MONUMENTAL adjustment. Maybe that's just what we need. Only God really knows. I am really praying that if this is too much for our family to take on that He closes the door. I have spent way to much of my life trying to nurture them to leave them out in the cold now. I hate making decisions.

Please, God, make it for me.


rthling said...

Glad everyone's being supportive. I know it doesn't make the decision any easier, but at least you had support.
Where's the tree going?

Joanna said...

So sorry Chris. Through in all the mom junk and you're ready to pull the covers over your head.

May God give you peace on whatever way you are to go.