Friday, September 5, 2008

Day Two...

On this, our second day of "classical" education we have already had to tweek the schedule. Tweek is a technical term which means "this is NOT WORKING". yikes.

I arranged Bethany's schedule such that she would be doing her math and science classes first because she is only accountable to me for those and her humanities in the afternoon since we have to turn those in every week when she meets with her class. She informed me yesterday that she did not have enough time for humanities to meet the goals that she had set for herself and therefore my classes are going to get second billing. We all know what that means. She'll get to them when she gets to them. I have news for her.

Today she was working hard most all day. Books and papers have been everywhere. We have her desk set up in my kitchen and it is overflowing with notes and little cards with highlighted stuff. It is weird seeing work laying around here that I did not assign... but nice to see her so productive. Part of the trick to home schooling over the years is to stave off the burn out. We do that by incorporating change. That is part of the point of this year. There is a very delicate balance between not messing with what works and keeping things fresh. She is very focused on her humanities because of her desire to please her "teacher"... the one she sees once a week. She doesn't care so much what I think:)

I have a feeling that this year is going to be ALOT of work and take more focus than we have ever needed. To that end, I have moved a table into the room that I have recently acquired in moving Brian to the back yard. She is going to need a place to spread out and have some quiet and the kitchen really isn't that kind of environment. She will not be pleased, but she'll live.

I have always appreciated all of the christian influence that flows over every subject of our curriculum over the years, but this year there are some college level manuals and for literature she will be studying some ancient lit and mythology, etc. Today, she cracked me up when she gasped at the table that her grammar manual had a quote from Oprah. She is also reading The Epic of Gilgamesh. Let's just say that he was not the kind of guy that I have taught her to look for in a mate. She was so embarrassed at chapter one that, although she wanted me to read it... she didn't want me to read it OUT LOUD! I would love to be a fly on the wall when they discuss THOSE questions in class.

Okay, maybe she's been a little sheltered:)


rthling said...

But adjustments and tweaking are part of everyday life. That's what makes it interesting and unexpected.
No worries. You'll find your groove soon.

Joanna said...

What can ya say? I'm hear you loud and clear. I finally decided not to swan dive off the stairway so that's progress right?